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Managing Your Wellbeing: 6 Life Events that (Surprisingly) May Require Therapy

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Listening to talk at most family gatherings, you’re bound to hear someone whispering about the latest family member who booked a session at a therapist. It’s whispered because many people believe it’s still odd to see a professional counsellor when you’re facing a challenge in life.

But chances there are more people getting marriage counselling Melbourne based than you think. And Sydney has many successful psychologists and therapists because it’s a resource that’s giving many people a new lease on life.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realise that their current experiences could put them on a path of immense anxiety or other mental health challenges. And a lot of it is preventable if you get some help!

Now, perhaps a recent event means you need one of these professionals too?

Moving to a New Home and/or Country

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Did you know that moving home is rated as one of the most stressful experiences people can face? You may only see the excitement of someone planning their new house, but the reality is that it can be very disconcerting to give up what you were used to and try to recreate that sanctuary for you and your loved ones.

Having one’s fundamental place of safety and refuge taken away is one reason why people list it as a major stress-filled life event. Also, it’s usually accompanied by lots of expenses and a race against time to get everything done.

If after—or during—the move you have any of the following, it could be a sign of more serious issues like depression, sparked by the stress of the move:

  • No longer interested in hobbies you used to love
  • Overeating
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Sleeping more than 10 hours a day
  • Physical symptoms like chest pain or shortness of breath

You’ll be wise to see a therapist and they can help you regain a sense of control in your life.

Becoming a Parent

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From the moment you hold your newborn close, you’re bound to feel the increase of responsibility in your life. In the next few weeks this will be accompanied by a lack of sleep and unfamiliar tasks that make parenthood seem overwhelming for many couples. Also, you as a couple may need to adjust the dynamics of your relationship after a new individual joined your family.

Whether it’s a therapist helping with anxiety or couples counselling Melbourne parents often find value in talking to a professional a few weeks after the birth of a baby. It can help maintain a healthy perspective amidst exhaustion and family members’ advice and opinions.

Getting Married

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Another reason to schedule couples counselling is if you’re recently married. Some couples do follow a course for engaged couples before the wedding, but you may only realise the challenges of married life a few months after you said ‘I do’. Perhaps you discover how different your core values are, or it’s difficult to manage the dynamics of interfering in-laws.

You CAN work through it, but help yourselves resolve issues faster by asking for some professional advice.

Getting Divorced

Even if it’s your decision to get divorced, it’s bound to come with challenges. You may find it difficult to once again live on your own, or you’ll need to process feelings of failure after ending a relationship you thought would last forever.

A therapist will help you identify emotions and process them. They can also offer coping techniques to prevent feelings—such as loneliness—from affecting your new lifestyle.

Losing Your Job

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If you’re out of a job, you may be hesitant about spending money on counselling but it may be just what your future needs. Firstly, it will help process the emotions sparked by being unemployed, whether it’s fear or anger. In addition, the right therapist can help you identify opportunities, rather than only see the problems.


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Retiring is another major change in lifestyle, so you can expect to feel some anxiety before and after you stop working. Common areas of worry are:

  • Lack of purpose and self-worth
  • Living on a stricter budget
  • Healthcare expenses if you’re retiring for medical reasons

When talking to a professional you’ll be given tools to ward off depression and adjust to the change, so you can make the most of the years ahead.

In Summary

You don’t have to wait until you feel burned out and overwhelmed by life before you seek help.

Partnering with the right type of therapist at a challenging time in your life can give you the tools to effectively navigate a situation that’s stressful or unfamiliar. Why go through it alone if an understanding professional can assist along the way and make it easier or help you make the best decisions?

Investing in time with a therapist can be the best thing for you and those around you. What do you need help with at the moment?