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Fresh Start: Top 10 Infographic Resume Templates for 2024

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Everyone knows how important the first impressions is, especially when applying for some job. Imagine that you publish some job offer and about 100 people apply for it with their resumes. Which resume will you notice first, some usual and “normal” one or some that looks different than others and more noticeable? The second one, of course. It may be different than the others but that’s exactly why it is good. It shows creativity and guarantees you that employers will notice it. That’s why it is so important to have a good resume and that’s why I made this list. To help you with creating your own resume on the right way and help you with getting a job in the future.

There are really lots of templates for resumes on internet and it can be hard to pick the right one. To narrow your search try to look for infographic resumes because infographic is becoming more and more popular nowadays and it will show people that you know what is popular nowadays and will surely make you different. But even when you narrowed it down a little there is still too much templates. So, to help you with your choice here is a list of top 10 infographic resume templates for 2024. Make a fresh start when entering a New Year and stop getting rejections from jobs just because your resume doesn’t get enough attention.

  1. 3-piece Infographic Resume

I will begin with this great template called 3-piece Infographic Resume. Why 3-piece? Well, because it includes resume template and templates for both cover letter and portfolio. What you get? 2 different file formats for all three parts, 2 paper sizes and 10 files in total. Every part is ready for printing and comes in 300DPI resolution. Preview and download here.

3-Piece Infographic Resume


  1. Infographic Resume Vol. 4

This is the fourth version of a template called Infographic Resume. Since it is already the fourth template from this series it includes everything that the first three versions had to offer and some new stuff made to improve the whole series and because of that it deserved a place in our list of best infographic resume templates for 2024. It has a professional design, it is easy to edit and it promises you to create a good impression with employers. You can edit it in Adobe InDesign and in Microsoft Word thanks to both files that come in the package. It also comes with matching cover letter and portfolio page. Preview and download here.

Infographic Resume Vol 4

  1. Clean Colorful Resume

If you want to show off you creativity with a resume then this is the perfect template for you. Just like the name says, the design is minimalistic and clean but very colorful and it will surely attract a lot of attention with everyone who sees it. With the package you get 2 Word files, 2 InDesign files and 3 PDF files. All files are very easy to edit and customize on any way you want. Some of the features of the template includes sections for info, contact, education, computer skills, language skills, other skills, interest and a lot more. You can even edit existing sections and make a new one for yourself. Preview and download here.

Clean Colorful Infographic Resume

  1. Ansel

The next template on our list of top 10 infographic resume templates for 2024 is called Ansel. With Ansel you get resume and cover letter template that is very elegant and clean. It is highly customizable and comes in black and white colors. You get Word and PSD files in the package along with PDF files that will show you how to use this resume and cover letter. If you want to create a great first impression with resume then Ansel is the right choice. Preview and download here.

Ansel Infographic Resume

  1. Corporate Resume/CV

Just like the name says, this template is corporate but very simple and clean. With this template you will get 3 different designs and color schemes with unique design and a help file to help you work with everything. Corporate Resume/CV template is very colorful and it can also be very helpful if you want to show off the creativity skills that you have. Preview and download here.

Corporate Infographic Resume CV

  1. Simple Infographic Resume

Simple Infographic Resume is, well, simple. But even though it is very simple it still comes with some great features and professional design and that’s why it is on this list of best infographic resume templates for 2024. Some of the main features are clean and sharp design, highly customizable elements, timeline concept of resume and black & white design. With this package you get Illustrator (EPS), InDesign (INDD & IDML) and Photoshop (PSD) files. If you need professional resume to create a good impression with employers then look no more, Simple Infographic Resume is the right template for you. Preview and download here.

Simple Infographic Resume

  1. Resume

Simple name for a simple template. Resume is clean and modern resume template that will surely help you to create a good impression with employers get a good job. If you buy this template you will get three highly customizable PSD files, three .docx files and 3 .doc files and a text file with detailed instructions and information about the template itself. Resume is also ready to print with 300 DPI resolution so your resume will look perfectly on paper if you need it there. Preview and download here.

Infographic Resume

  1. Exotic CV

Looking for something a little different but very attractive? Try Exotic CV, you won’t be disappointed. This attractive template comes in 3 different colors, a unique and certainly not usual look with clean design and highly customizable elements. You also get a 24/7 support that guarantees to help you with any problem that you may have. Package includes InDesign file, Word files and PDF. Preview and download here.

Exotic Infograpih Resume CV

  1. Resume Infographic Design

This is another attractive resume template that guarantees a good first impression with any employer. It comes in a really colorful but clean and modern design that will give you a chance to show your creativity. You also get lots of infographic tools that you can edit on resume, just like every other element because everything is easily editable. You get three versions of this resume along with files for EPS and AI files. Preview and download here.

Infographic Resume Prosonal Version 1

  1. Resume

And the last template on our list of top infographic resume templates for 2024 is another template with a really simple name – Resume. Don’t worry, it is not the same like number 7 but it is actually pretty similar. Both templates are very simple and elegant with layered documents and different styles for objects and paragraphs. Every element, text and color is easily changed and the resume itself is ready to print with resolution of 300 DPI. If you want to make a good first impression with an elegant and professional looking template then pick Resume, you won’t be disappointed. Preview and download here.

Material Infographic Resume

That was the last one people. If you want to make a great first impression at some job application then I highly recommend using some of the templates above. If you decide to do that let us know how it went in the comment section below or share your resume with us. Good luck!