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The Emergence Of Gambling In India

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India has a long and comprehensive history of gambling. According to Hindu Mythology, it dates back to 2000 BC. Since then, it has been through several stages of legal transition and different public opinions. From using nuts as dice to present-day digital betting, Gambling has evolved and spread drastically in the country.

The game of chance creates a rush that attracts and hooks many people. With its intense fascination with the different forms of casino and gambling activities, India is no exception. Currently, the country witnesses a massive number of individuals engaged in betting routines, hoping to become rich quickly. The emergence of several online bookmakers like 1win has developed a new entertainment source for people.

Time Period Gambling Activities
Ancient India Gambling using dice made from Vibhitaka tree’s nut
15th century Gambling house legalized; animal betting introduced
18th century Europeans came and introduced cricket and horse racing
1867 ‘Public Gaming Act’ was introduced, which banned Gambling houses (with some exceptions)
20th century High restrictions by the Indian Government
2016 The Supreme Court mandated scrutinizing the best options to curb illegal gambling in India
2018 The Law Commission of India resorted to regulating illegal betting in India

Ancient Acclaim

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There were days when the society considered gambling a taboo. But today, it is a prime tourist attraction in many Indian states, such as Goa. Goa is famous for its “gambling over the ocean, in the middle of nowhere” trend. Moreover, the love affair between Indians and cricket has led to the rise of several betting platforms for IPL and other cricket events in the country.

However, this popularity did not come overnight. India has been involved in gambling for a long time. Archaeologists have discovered hand-made terracotta dice, supporting the history of betting in India. Even the famous Indian epic, Ramayana, mentions betting history with rolling dice and gambling boards. Although it cites 430 BC, many people believe that these started in the 7300 BC.

Both Mahabharata and Ramayana eras were exposed to betting and gambling practices. Famous historical references to gambling come from these prehistoric Indian manuscripts. The avaricious Shakuni cheated Yudhishthira in a game of dice to get the kingdom and its wealth. He also gambled his brother and wife into servitude for the same. Later, they demanded another dice game to manage the growing conflict.

Present-Day Gambling Laws

There have not been many changes in gambling rules and laws. The Public Gaming Act 1867 is still in effect and restricts gambling practices all over the country. However, the government has extended discretionary power to Indian states and UTs to decide the legal status of gambling in their state.

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Although the Act is applicable in most states, Maharashtra and Sikkim have made flexible regulations for casinos. Many states do not allow gambling practices but entertain some forms of betting, such as horse races. The casino is still popular among people and growing in many states. Nevertheless, Goa is the state with maximum freedom for gambling and betting activities.

Sports Betting Options in India

The advent of various online websites has substantially increased exposure and enthusiasm for sports betting. Today, there are many games that people can bet on, including:

Cricket: It is undoubtedly the most preferred and popular sport to bet on. Indians are peculiarly thrilled about Cricket events. The market offers betting options for numerous events, from IPL to Test and International cricket matches as well. Almost every sports betting website lays down plenty of cricket betting games.

Football: This is also a trendy betting sport in India and the entire world. Even though it contains foreign gambling options, Indian betters are still exuberant to participate in different football events betting. Popular Football competitions include the FIFA World Cup, Premier League, and the Champions League.

Apart from these, several other games are available on different websites. These include:

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Horse Riding
  • Field Hockey
  • Ice Hockey
  • Kabaddi

Prominent Casino Games in India

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Casino games are also gaining immense popularity, giving rise to many innovative gaming options. Although traditional casinos have prevailed for a long time, digital casino games have also evolved extensively. The online casino world does not affect the core gaming spirit, along with providing a vast range of games. As there are incalculable casino games available, these are divided into broad categories for better understanding. Some of them are:

Table Games: These games are played on a tabletop. Games such as Baccarat, Teen Patti, Blackjack, Red Dog, Three Card Poker, Four Card Poker, etc., come under this category. Some others require dice, just like the ancient times. These include Chuck-a-luck, Craps, Sic Bo, etc.

Slot Games: These are comparatively easy to understand and, thus, more popular. Some prominent slot games are 3D slots, Progressive slots, classic slots, VR slots, etc.

Some other gaming categories are:

  • Live dealer Games
  • Bingo
  • Specialty Games
  • Gaming Machines
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Keno

How to Be a Responsible Gambler

Responsible gambling is an essential factor for both the players as well as organizations. It includes their adherence to the best practices and rules authenticated by national gaming authorities and gaming organizations. This helps them establish an optimal betting environment and protection for gamblers.

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It is the responsibility of the players to understand the risks and addiction involved in betting and play sensibly. In addition, the gaming organization should also offer fair gaming options in safe surroundings. They should focus on providing accurate:

  • Information Privacy
  • Fair Gaming
  • Promptness and accuracy
  • Ethical and responsible marketing

And they should have adequately established measures to handle situations like:

  • Underage gamblers
  • Money laundering activities
  • Vulnerable players
  • Customer payments

Final Word

Although gambling is an age-old practice, it is witnessed drastic changes. Today, the digital world offers several online casinos and gambling platforms. Many exciting and engaging websites like 1win offer fascinating welcome bonuses and other perks. They also contain a vast range of games to choose from, ranging from a variety of sports betting to casinos and more.

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The fame of gambling does not necessarily make it a legal practice. There are still several ifs and buts over the legality of the vices of Gambling. However, the government approves some or the other form of gambling. With the online option now, many responsible gamblers are able to enjoy the thrill of gambling while also making some extra money.