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Important SEO Tips To Optomise Your WordPress Posts

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Important SEO Tips To Optomise YOur WordPress Posts

Where’s the fun if you have awesome portfolio and stunning theme if it’s not SEO optimized. Bing, Yahoo or Google will not care at all about your great web design and nice photos. They care more about stuff like keywords, names, alt tags and much more. If you understood them, you could achieve some kind of success. On the other hand, if you misunderstand them it could put you totally out of business. But what is SEO actually and how can it affect your traffic? It’s the improving process of attracting the quality of your audience coming to your webpage from search engines like Yahoo, Google or Bing through unpaid results with search engines. If your website appears higher in search results you will get more visitors. Having quality content means having the best optimization. It’s only effective when you combine it with unique content of a high quality. It should be readable and understandable. So be wise when it comes to using keywords. When you write it, write it not for search engines but for your audience.

If you are aware of any other pages that are relevant relating to your subject and topics and if they are highly authoritative websites link their pages on your page. If possible, ask for exchanging the links so that your webpage address ends up on other pages too.  Use themes that are optimized for search engines. Some of them are using coding for creation of design and layout. Come up with good names  for your picture files. Google also looks out for image quality when it comes to ranking. Don’t leave the name of your image DSC536745.jpg.  If you don’t like to do it all manually, one of quickest ways is to install SEO plugins. They have many settings which you can choose from for optimizing your webpage, they are easy to use for both advanced and beginner users.

Highlight the informative or important keywords and content on your page, but don’t overdo it too much.  You probably  have profiles on social media so you can add posts from webpage to your social network. If you want to play with the tricks using mirror html sites or black hat techniques don’t do it, as Google will find out. When you first create your page you need to find the keyword. This is the word that you think people are searching for and with the help of it they will find your posts. There’s a big chance you are going to compete with other reputable websites for keywords that are popular. Always keep in mind that your audience is not search engine but humans. You should focus on phrases as people usually don’t just write keyword but phrases.

Writing a good SEO post title is not so hard. It should be readable, containing focus keywords and limited to 70 characters, but it also needs to feel catchy. Why? Because when someone sees your page in search results they will decide whether to visit or not, depends on the description and SEO title. It’s important people see exactly what they wanted to see when they read that title and clicked on your page. Honestly I could go on and on because there are hundreds of different criteria on how Google is ranking your page which also includes duplicated content, age of your domain, how active is your site and many more. What is most important is to concentrate on relevant, and unique content, because content as we know is the king and then everything else is just a piece of cake.