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How to Use Hair Serum 

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First, let’s see why people use hair serum in the first place? One of the reasons is to get thicker hair and revive those strands of hair that have gotten thinner over time. Hair serum tames the hair, thickens it, stylizes it, adds that natural shine.

Used by millions of people worldwide, only a few hair serums out there do the work they promise to do in their advertising. That’s why Dianella’s Thickening Hair Serum is so popular. With 100% natural ingredients, it is a vegan cruelty-free product packed with the Vitamins hair needs.

It also includes Caffeine which stimulates your hair follicles to grow. Did you know that we have thousands of sleeping follicles waiting to wake up when we need them? Well, you can wake them up with a serum that includes Caffeine extract.

In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about how you can choose the perfect serum based on your needs. And, of course, we will show you the right way to apply the serum without weighing down your hair.

Use a Serum to Take Care of Your Hair Length

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Hair serums are popular among hair restoration products. Easy to use, without washing, and in small packages, you could apply thickening serums on your hair in the morning and during the day. They easily fit in a handbag, so you can access them at any time of the day and instantly add volume to your hair.

The thickening hair serums are primarily used to soften, tame, and add shine to your hair. Regarding the composition of the products, serums include nourishing organic plant-based and mineral oils that tame hair strands, packed with a moisturizing agent.

How to Use Thickening Hair Serum?

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One or two drops of serum are enough to nourish the length of the hair without making it heavier or greasy. Hair serums are universal and can be used on wet or dry hair before or after using a hairdryer. You can use them too quickly to make your hairstyle.

Using a Serum to Thicken the Hair from the Roots

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To counteract the effects of hair aging, you need to get to the root of the problem. It means starting with the scalp, where hair grows. The thickening hair serum needs to increase hair volume.

Thickening serums are designed to care for the length of the hair and can be used at its base. It could be applied by dividing the hair into sections and rubbing it into the scalp with a gentle massage.

Do it in 2 phases: immediately after application (it wraps up the hair strand adding instant density), and then, with each subsequent application (its active ingredients act at the roots, stimulating growth and protecting the hair). This double effect is possible thanks to ingredients with antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

How to Apply Hair Serum for Thicker Hair?

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What is the best way to apply hair serum in order to get thicker hair? Since serums are oil-based, you need to apply it thinly. The ideal tool for this purpose is a comb, simply by dividing your hair into sections and applying a few drops of serum along the length of each section. For a more targeted application, use a fine brush or a thin comb specially designed for serums.

Another tip: put on your shower cap after applying the product to protect the scalp from humidity and pollution during the washing stages. This will make it possible to maintain homeostasis between sebum production and moisturizing at the same time.

Another tip: always start with your chin. This will make it easier for you to put the product on the roots of the hair, helping them grow stronger.

Make Your Hair Care Ritual

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What is the best application method? You can apply hair thickening serums to damp or dry hair immediately after shampooing. Hair serum, combined with scalp massage, thickens your hair. It will be easy to style, and you will see a lot less breakage.

Use your hair thickening serum whenever you feel the need. After you have selected the best one for yourself, you can put it to the test. You can use it during the day, whenever you feel that your hair is getting flat or weighing down.

You can create your haircare ritual with your favorite thickening serum. Don’t forget to notice the effect of the serum. Many people often don’t remember what their hair was like before starting to use a product, and they fail to see the big difference in their hair even if it has become a lot healthier and better.

Don’t forget to be happy with the way you look. A big part of our radiance and glow comes from within, meaning that you can stimulate your hair shine by feeling great with it and its new revival.

Many people forget that their hair is alive and you should treat it as such. That’s why giving it the best possible care is of utmost importance. You can’t go wrong with a natural, organic vegan hair thickening serum.

Why? Because it is made of natural ingredients that can only stimulate hair growth and protect your hair from the atmosphere and the cruel effect of aging. So give it the proper nourishment.

To Conclude

Like everything else, hair ages too. It tends to get thinner as we age, but you can revive it with a hair-thickening serum. Vegan, organic serums packed with Vitamins are the best way to go when it comes to bringing your hair back to its usual healthy shine. Dianella’s hair thickening serum includes Caffeine – a key ingredient stimulating hair follicles.

Use your serum regularly by turning it into a daily ritual. Serums come in small packages so you can take them with you everywhere. Remember that your hair is alive, so you need to treat it as such. Radiance comes from within, so be happy with every progress your hair makes.