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5 Ways to Tell if a Human Hair Wig is Genuine

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We are not always happy with the look of our hair. Many people are not happy with the way their looks. Some of them think of the color because of which they decide to dye it step by step, others are not satisfied with the density of the hair and that is why they try literally everything that will be offered to them, which is presented as a thickening product. the hair, others are not satisfied with the curl, fourths are not satisfied with the length. These are just some of the things that most often bother people with their hair. As a consequence of these considerations, they are often resolved on a painless solution that is short-lived and is usually applied on certain occasions. It is a human hair wig.

You must be wondering what exactly it is about. It is a type of wig that is made of 100% natural human hair. They were originally made for people who lose their natural hair after recovering from certain diseases or for people who do not have hair at all or do not have enough hair. But today these wigs have a huge use for other purposes, and some of them we have already listed above. It is a production of 100% natural hair that is obtained from people who specially grow and nurture and in the end, go to hairdressers who collect these long locks to cut and buy.

Many companies, small companies, beauty salons, and beauty studios make wigs, and some of the best professional hairdressers do most of this work. They work with their clients who introduce them to the hair growth procedure, help them in hair care and of course in the end they take the locks from them and make wigs from 100% natural hair. But you must be wondering how to tell if a wig is made of genuine, natural human hair. Yes, it is true that there is a large part of this type of workmanship that is not completely or partially made of 100% natural human hair and people often fall for them easily. In order for you or someone close to you not to be put in a situation to be deceived, in the continuation of this article we will present to you what we have been working on for a long time. Wondering what it is? These are the 5 things you can say about a 100% natural wig.

1. Recognize it by touching it

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Human hair is unique and striking. We say this for a reason. We are sure you are wondering how you are wondering at the moment, but it really is. How to check if the hair is really human? It’s simple! Touch the wig initially with the whole palm in the same way as when caressing someone on the head. This can often be insufficient proof, so we recommend another trick. Take a lock of hair and move your fingers through the lock. As you move your fingers through the lock, you may notice that the lock is smooth and simply slips through your fingers, say experts from Nadula who have been making and selling 100% natural human hair wigs for many years.

2. Human hair is smooth

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People’s hair is very specific and easily noticeable. This makes it easy to notice and easy to spot when it comes to detecting natural and artificial hair. So if you suspect a workmanship that is natural or artificial you can check it yourself. What do you need to do? It’s simple – first, look at the wig in the sun or some other kind of bright light. If the wig is too shiny then it is made of artificial fibers, and if it is ideally shiny then it is a reflection of the smooth human hair.

3. Feel it by the smell

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When you choose something that is quality, then you have to choose something that is natural and of 100% human origin. How to insure in naturalness? In an easy and simple way. Take the wig and smell it nicely. What you will need to feel is the natural scent that the natural human hair has. And if you feel anything else that does not smell like natural hair, then be sure that it is a wig that is made of synthetics. Artificial wigs usually smell of plastic, dust, or naphthalene (an ingredient that keeps artificial products looking natural).

4. If the hair is thinning then it is natural

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There is another great trick that hairdressers share. It is a trick that is every day for us humans and a bad habit for some girls. What is that? It is twisting the fingers in the hair. Now use your fingers to find out if the workmanship is natural. What should you do? You need to take a small part of the wig and twist it with your fingers. If the hair starts to get dirty, ie shines (shines just like the natural hair on our head when it gets greasy) it means that it is 100% natural workmanship and that you do not need to worry about the origin of the workmanship because it is crystal clear that it is of natural origin.

5. It has a natural color

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We know that people often use hair dye to change their appearance or to make some refreshments. It makes the hair look unnatural, but not as much as the artificial ones that can be seen from an airplane that are not natural. How do you know if a wig is natural? It’s simple, she has natural color. These are light colors, dark colors, and it is easiest to notice if it is with an atypical color such as orange which looks like orange color, and is actually a mix of red, brown, yellow, and chestnut fibers. Isn’t it easy? Focus well and see if it’s fair play or fraud.

Are you ready? It’s time to apply these tricks and start recognizing natural from artificial ones. You already have experience with what you need to use properly.