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How to Increase Google+ Engagement

how to increase google+ engagement


Whatever your favourite social media channel is, and whether you spend your time tweeting news, pinning all the things you would like to buy, instagramming or sharing your pictures on Facebook, we always expect people to +1, like, retweet, repin or comment on our posts.

There is one way to do it. By engagement. Google+ is one of the social platforms where it has been proved harder to build large followings and get high engagement. Succeeding on G+ can often require a strong strategy, a decent timeframe and a ton of hard-work and patience.

What is best way to boost Google+ engagement? Let’s find some ways and check some stats. Shall we?

Develop in-depth posts for Google+

Google+ provides the strongest support for long form discussions of any major social media platform. For that reason, resharing tweets, or even Facebook posts on Google+ does not work. So you need to develop thoughtful, in-depth posts, specifically for G+. You also need to add thoughtful commentary whenever you reshare the posts of others. As people respond to you and comment on your post, make a point of replying and engaging.

Turn Google+ posts into mini blog posts

Google+ by far has the best for engagement of all other social networks. You could try to turn Google+ posts into mini blog posts and adding a serious level of value/detail. In order for this to work well it does mean that you have to understand exactly who your audience is and what you can share that will solve a problem they face. You can give this a boost by tagging influencers in the post where relevant.

Focus on images

Images on social media are what grabs people’s attention. They may be more important than even the headline or content. When you post something in Google+ the default visual is an image grabbed from the post, and usually cropped to a size that is not ideal. Deleting a part of G+ post and uploading post image directly is the key to have great image. And it is a very good start of emgagement on the platform.

Be active

Creating circles and interacting with individuals, as well as groups, is a great way to show your personality and/or expertise and stimulate conversations around your content. If you’re trying to boost engagement specifically for a brand, posting relevant information and showcasing the human side of it will help encourage users to continue to engage with you.

Be helpful

Rather than starting out by posting your own content and expecting to see a massive amount of engagement, start by engaging with content other people have posted first. Not only that this will help you to improve your visibility, but as you add more value to the conversation, it helps you be seen more as a giver. The more you give, the more you will start to get by way of engagement from the people you’ve interacted with and connected with on G+.

I hope you find this tips useful and you are ready to start doing it this way. But first check this great video infographic about How to increase Google+ engagement.