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How To Be More Productive?



For once in your lifetime there must be a situation where you couldn’t find inspiration for some project you’re making or that you don’t have time for yourself, and especially not for anything else. You have probably spent some cash on many pharmaceutical products for relaxation and concentration but that doesn’t help you either, does it? In this article you will find a way how to be more productive and how to be pleased with your work and yourself.

First you have to do is to boost up your brainpower, which means that everything that can distract you from your work you have to move away from yourself. Your mind will feel tired if it has to think on more things at once or if you’re surrounded by noise and mess. That’s why you should turn off your phone (or at least silence it), clean your work desk and the rest of concerns leave for later. Maybe it would be better to write them down so you won’t forget on some of them. It would be useful if you could smell some pleasant scent of lavender or lemon while you work. Try to be in variable environments (parks, shops, caffe bars etc.) and observe what’s happening around you, but if you don’t feel like going outside then you can just sit by your window and listen to ambient music. Take your time to go for a walk for at least half an hour and watch the beauty of nature around you. It would be useful if you had an image of nature or cute animals and maybe few plants in your apartment. Also, it’s very important that you get enough of sleep, eat healthy and exercise or meditate. It’s important that you feel relaxed and happy while your work.


The second important thing which will help you to be more productive is to save your time. That means to cancel your meetings or let it last for only 15 minutes. Some tasks that you can’t do at the moment  delegate them to some another person that  you can trust to make you a favour. It would be usefull to keep a track of on which things (that are not of use to you) your time goes by. Don’t leave for later tasks that take little time to finish, carry out them right now because your mind will me more opened and lighter. If you’re one of the persons that is used to doing multiple tasks at the same time then you have to stop that habit. Doing multiple tasks at the same time takes you more time than to do every thing separately because then you’re not focused on any of those things so it’s very likely you will do more mistakes. Try using a „Stop doing“ list to cut off bad habits. Keeping this list will help you to save your time and probably your money and health.

In this paragraph you will learn to prioritize which means that you should sort your tasks by „Have to“, „Should“ and „Want to“ lists daily. Don’t check your messages if you haven’t worked for at least 2 hours. Three most important tasks write down on „Post-It“ and then do the most important task first. Ask yourself „Will this task help me to accomplish my goal?“ for every task that you should do. If the answer is no then just don’t do it. Also, if it turnes out that some task can be done by someone else and that that task is not important then don’t do it either. Why should you spend your time and will on something that doesn’t even matter to you? Every night, before you go to sleep, write down „To Do“ list for tomorrow. In the end, to conclude this section, do every creative work you have to do first so your mind can be in better motion for other tasks.

And last step, but not less important, is to get motivated. That means to cut of every big task that you must to do in smaller pieces. Also, work off by 5 minutes every task that requires a lot of time because it will be easier for you. If you are one of those people which go to sleep at 3 am and wake up at 12 am then stop that habit immediately because it disrupts your biological prime time. It would be best for you and your brain to go to sleep somewhere between 23 pm and 8. Arrange your time on time for working, time for sleeping and your free time. Celebrate your every progress because that will motivate you to keep working. Also, care to accomplish every thing of your „To do“ list so you can feel more productive. One of foodstuff that helps us to be more energetic and at the same time is very tasty is… chocolate. Chocolate has sugar inside so it will give your body more energy for working. Another thing about chocolate is that it will keep you happier because, let’s face it, no one can be sad while eating a chocolate. In the end, most important of all things is for you to be happy, to smile (but not the fake smile) and to keep confidence attitude. These advices will sure help you to be more productive and happier so good luck in achieving your life goal! Below you can check infographic with 50 productivity tips which will help you to be more productive:

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