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20 Apps That Will Keep You More Productive At Home

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Productivity at home

You’ve probably heard this before: “work smarter and not harder”, don’t waste your time. There are many tips on how to be more productive. But there isn’t magic solution that will just give it to you. It really depends on how you are processing information and who you are. How you do the things and what do you do. Productivity apps can help you to automate many aspects of your everyday life , so it leaves you more time to do hard work which needs your total focus and creativity. If you succeed in collecting right productivity apps, you can get more work done with efficiency at your fingertips. A lot of people talk about productivity and are obsessed with it but few of them actually understands what it is. Being productive is all about achieving your goals. So you got to make most out of your time and energy.

In this age of technology there are many apps that are acting almost like self helping.  Apps can help you put rules on your behavior while surfing, or prevent distractions so you can stay more focused on doing the work you must complete. Many people have their own form of style optimization at home, but its also important to be organized in digital space if you are doing business online from home. So below you will find out my favorite apps to keep you more productive.


First on the list is of course, application called Evernote. This is really my go to app. It’s awesome for making notes, attaching any kind of document, article, presentation or cropped screenshots from webpages. It’s all stored there. Evernote can also be downloaded in desktop version or tablet and phone so you can sync it between devices.


Next one is Dropbox. You can combine it with Evernote and use it both for personal and business life. Uploading all your project folders is really easy and they are stored and saved on the cloud, so you don’t have to worry that you will loose them if your computer or hard drive crashes down. Dropbox is easy to access, through phone, laptops tablets, just sign in your account and all of your files are there. If you take pics with phone you can upload them immediately.


One of the coolest app for flight confirmations is called Tripit. If you like to fly both for pleasure and work this is the one you will use. You can keep confirmations even for restaurant and hotel reservations. It’s not made for using as a diary but if you want, you can also use it for keep notes and pics of places you wish to recommend to someone or return back to this place.


Next one that I personally also use is called Wunderlist. It’s basically app where you can write all your task you have to do, and it serves as a checklist. It’s pretty simple to use and looks great. It also works on both mobile and windows platforms and I use it almost daily. Be sure to check that one out, it’s also free for use.


If you have car and drive it almost daily, Waze is your choice of application. It will save you many hours travelling. This is basically navigational and traffic app that gets you road and traffic information. Based on research more then 30 million people already downloaded it and put their information to help other drivers about accidents, hazards on roads, police activity or traffic jams, and all in real time.


And the last one but not least important is Skype. Yes I know there are lots of great apps but Skype enables you to connect with practically anyone from around the world at any time. Creating account is so easy and it includes other features like instant chatting or conference calling.

So you see, if you use mobile devices properly they can increase productivity with many useful apps. It will save your money and time. You can share information, connect with people all around the globe, organize your ideas and projects, all of this will getting paid faster. So if you’re still playing games on your phone it’s time to stop and download these.