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How to Ace a Skype Interview

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How to Ace a Skype Interview

Interviews are breaking or making moments for people who apply for jobs. If it doesn’t go the way you expected you probably wish you stayed in bed, but if it goes well you will walk happy steps. There’s a rising number of interviews for work being done through Skype.  Skype made it so easy to chat with anyone from mobile devices and PC’s and employers are also using it as a tool for having interviews. If you think logically, company really saves both money and time. So, if you are in position where you need to find a new job, how can you make sure that you ace that Skype interview and land yourself a new position at work? It’s one thing to download Skype software, download it install it and plug your webcam. It’s rather easy but it is bad if you turn on the camera and then neglect all the aspects that make your interview great and you end up looking unprepared and amateurish.

Here is how you will prepare for it. You look into the camera. Sometimes during interview people can fixate their eye look on the screen itself. If you do that, the employee could have a feeling that you are not giving the eye contact with them. When he starts talking to you take a moment to make sure you look okay on the screen and then start looking at your PC camera. Don’t forget to set up camera so that your face looks nicely framed. Test the sound of your microphone too. You don’t want to start the interview and then find out that the employer can’t hear you. Also check out the lightning in your room. You should be visible but not too bright. If you have glasses on you, try not to have too much reflection of your face on monitor. Prepare your room, set it up in a way that you don’t have something that will distract the entire conversation. Don’t have laundry on sofa or opened doors that can reveal room full of unnecessary things. The key to any successful interview is rehearsing. You want to become comfortable when talking in front of cam.

Dress yourself in professional way, similar to what you would wear when going to the real face to face interview. If the business is more laid back you can wear casual t-shirt but if the company is more formal you should wear suit jacket and tie too. Don’t be tempted to dress only half way to your waist. If you are in complete outfit you will easier stay in the mood for interview. It’s important to get in the zone. Pay attention what’s happening during the interview. Focus on body language and maintaining that eye contact while at the same time sitting up straight. In order to look engaged, from time to time you should nod during mutual conversation and lean forward.

It is also crucial to make sure that you avoid any type of technical difficulties. Your connection should work properly during interview. It’s hard to have discussion if there are some interruptions. This will leave impression that you are not reliable person. After all, professional employers expect you to work flawlessly with technology and Skype is a tool very easy to use, but it will sure take you some time to practice it for sounding clean and looking good on video. So prepare yourself on time and you will save yourself from stress that’s avoidable.