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What is An International Driving Permit (IDP) and How Does it Work

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Every single human on this planet has their favorite vehicle, the one they prefer to use to get around the city they live in, but regardless of the type of that vehicle and whether it’s the bicycle or a bus, it all comes up our driving preferences.

Besides that, some even prefer having a car, for example, and not driving them, as they focus more on maintaining and preserving them. Now, all of this, and the fact that we all know at least one person who does this, says a lot about how vehicles overall, and especially cars, have such an important role in our lives.

Why is Driving so Overwhelming?

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In order to better describe why driving is so important to us, we first need to realize the psychological part of it.

Having complete control of any vehicle means having a great time when you are on the open road, but many overlook the fact that it’s also about the responsibility you have while behind the wheel, and no, we are not talking just about you personally or those you drive with, but also about others on the road too.

Namely, when we are behind the wheel, it’s up to us to make the right decisions, and yeah, this might sound funny to those who drive for a living, but it’s still a fact.

When we drive a car, van, truck, or any other vehicle, we are responsible for the passengers, whether they will find the whole ride pleasant or not, but also when we are transporting some goods, whether it will be intact or not.

As for a driving license and how difficult it is to get one, well, it all depends on your driving instinct, ability, and overall knowledge. Of course, experience also has its role and comes with practice, which is why it’s also something that none of us should ever overlook.

Now, all of this gets even more enhanced when we talk about the international driving permit because many are unaware of what it is and what it stands for, not to mention how meaningful it is to have one.

What is it?

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The first question we should answer is what IDP is, and we will keep it as simple as possible. The whole confusion originates from the law itself, as every country has specific yet different rules, meaning that even though you might have all the permits in one country, that doesn’t mean you can drive a vehicle in another one.

Each country has different laws, but when it comes to driving, one thing is sure – we need a driving license in order to do that as it all starts and ends with it.

Driving without it can lead to many problems, and besides huge fees and lots of money we need to pay for fines, if we don’t have all the necessary paperwork, we can even end up in jail.

The problem is that a regular driving license is not a document accepted worldwide, and the one issued in one country will not be useful in most others.

It literally means that we need to have a valid form of identification from every country we want to visit or just drive through, and it is obvious that it is almost impossible.

Even if possible, it requires a lot of time, nerves, and money to get all of them, so it is better not to try at all.

If we want to save some time and money, we will need IDP since it is an identification document that contains our personal information and photos, and it acts as a warrant that we can be behind the wheel.

It does not differ a lot from the regular license, except for one thing – we can use it in 150 countries in the world, and information is translated into ten languages.

How to Get it?

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Many people are afraid that they will need to pass some complicated exam in order to get their IDP, but the truth is entirely different.

Yes, the test itself might seem like a troublesome process that takes time, but it doesn’t have to be as all you need is to pay a fee of $20, file the application that can be found online, possess a valid driving license, and bring two photos.

All of this can also be done via email, so there is no need to worry if you cannot physically visit the office. The procedure is the same, but you will need to provide photocopies of your driving license instead of giving them the original to check.

The whole procedure does not last long, but if you are planning a road trip, it is always better to get your IDP in time instead of waiting for the last moment. Of course, doing it via mail can last longer, so it is always a better option to do all the things in person, if optional, or you can visit this site and get your international driving permit in just two hours.

Which Are The Functions of IDP?

As for the reasons why having this permit is so important, the biggest reason is that it’s internationally recognized, and you should look at it as a document of vast importance, whereby having one, you can get in and out of some country with no trouble, as the whole purpose of it is to ease the transition process and to make the job of crossing the border much easier.

IDP has four crucial functions that make our driving overseas much safer and more relaxed. Regarding that, its first function is ensuring that every driver that possesses it is an authorized driver, which means that they do not represent the danger and improve road safety.

Another important thing is the fact that IDP is translated into ten languages, so no matter where we go, local authorities will be able to understand it. It also proves that we have a valid license in our country and we are authorized to drive motor vehicles, and in the end, it indicates the categories of them that we can drive.