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How Bill Gates Started The Life Of Microsoft’s Founder

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He is known to be rich, the owner of Microsoft, and that is a philanthropist. But there’s more! Most people about Bill Gates know three things: that he is the richest man in the world, he is a co-founder of Microsoft and one of the most generous philanthropists. However, there are some other things that are very little known. Below you can check out the 11 things about Gates which probably you did not know:

  1. Gates made his first computer program on a General Electric computer when he was a teenager.
  2. When teachers at his school realized that he indicates interest in computer programs, they allowed him to make the program for schedule of classes at school. Bill Gates took advantage of it, so he made arrangement to be in class with girls who he likes.
  3. Bill Gates, like many of the founders of successful technology companies, left college before he finished it. Gates left Harvard in 1975 and completely devoted his time to Microsoft.
  4. Gates was arrested in 1977 in New Mexico because he was driving without a license and ran through a red light.
  5. All until 1997 he flew by regular air lines, and then bought his own aircraft, for which today, Gates says that with this purchase he “treated” himself.
  6. Another of his extravagance, in addition to purchasing the aircraft, is the Codex Leicester, a collection of manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci. The collection was purchased in 1994 at auction for 30.8 million dollars.
  7. Despite Bill Gates is multi billionaire, he decided to leave to each his child ten million. Gates is in fact convinced that he will not do any favor if he leaves too much money to them.
  8. Gates does not know any foreign language, and admitted that it was one of the things he regrets the most.
  9. When applied to college, Gates achieved 1590 by a maximum of 1600 points.
  10. Once Bill Gates said that if he did not succeed with Microsoft that he would probably dedicated to pursuing of artificial intelligence.
  11. His favorite band is Weezer, and among his favorites is also U2.