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Guide to Promote Your Mobile App


Ok, you have a great application, and in your head you imagine how it will be used by millions of users. The ideal application is the one that everyone loves, and people use it every day. Now you only  need to send your app to the store, and the job is over. But is it really so? Of course it’s not.

So, how to promote your mobile app?

There is a magic word which is called marketing and that is very important in the world of applications. Without marketing your application is not worth anything, it will be invisible in the Play and the Apple store because there are already tons of applications. Hmm … so how to get the attention of the user and how to take advantage of this magic word called marketing, you ask.

A good part of the people and companies are making the mistakes in the first steps of promoting their mobile apps. After the initial idea, they google a bit, make the minimum market research and conclude that their idea is unique, innovative and that it is therefore worthwhile. Who would not want to buy your interesting application and download it for free? However, it is not so easy … To find out how to promote your mobile app successfully, check out this infographic below: