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Is It Possible to Get a Second Passport without Leaving Your Home

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When you think about it, without any insight, you probably think that the answer is no. Things are a little bit different. In fact, it can be done to have another passport without getting out of your current home and switching countries. You have this goal? It is quite possible to achieve it. One of the ideal places to reach this goal is without a doubt, St Kitts and Nevis. That’s right, you can not only get another passport, but you can do that in this Caribbean paradise. The good part is that we are talking about a place that has one of the oldest, and probably the best, citizenship by investment programs. Dating back to the 1980s, this place is home to many investors, artists, businessmen, and many other people of opportunity who wanted or needed an additional passport. Of course, the first condition you need to meet is to have an investment heading to St Kitt’s and Nevis, but that’s a small price to pay to become an owner of their passport.

Why St Kitts and Nevis?

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If you want to receive another document for traveling, there are a few options at your table. But, if you ask us, this is the road you need to take. Citizenship by investment received from this particular Caribbean country comes with plenty of benefits, but it’s also great from the get-go. Why do we say this? Well, when your goal is to have another passport, you probably want it now. The fast and easy way to get one is by investing in St Kitts and Nevis. Considering they’re an old program you shouldn’t be surprised that they can process your claim in less than two months. When the procedure is accelerated it can even be done in 45 days. It can’t get faster than that.

Beyond the previous two paragraphs, if you thought that’s all, and that’s enough, you’re wrong again. St Kitts and Nevis offer even more. Part of this process of having an additional passport is giving their government your data. This shouldn’t frighten you as safety and security are on the highest of levels. If you become part of their program your data will be kept a secret together with the participation itself. There will be no approach to your sensitive data by any third party or any other asset or company. If your sphere of operation is confidential becoming a part of St Kitts and Nevis society has too many perks to be ignored.

While this is great news, trust us it only gets better. What many of you will love to hear is that you are not required to visit this island physically to receive your passport. Also, it’s required that you live there or have a residency. While many of you will not want to leave the warmth of your homes and get the job done, we see that as a mistake. Getting a passport no.2 from a place like this has many perks. One of them is that we’re talking about a tropical paradise worth visiting. So, considering that you’re already investing assets there you should come and see the place for yourself. You won’t regret it as it offers some of the world’s prettiest beaches and indescribable ocean colors.

Is There More To It?

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By now, you probably understand that reaching for a travel ID in this country is an ideal move. But, that’s not all. Getting a travel ID is great, and getting it from one of the most beautiful Caribbean countries is even better. But, the list of positive surprises doesn’t stop there with the home of turquoise ocean. It’s not just that you as an investor will receive a passport, but the same is reserved for your entire family. Usually, people would assume this applies only to your spouse and children. But, St Kitts and Nevis are full of surprises in this domain, so passports are waiting for even your parents if you opt for their available program.

When you and your close ones get your hands on their passports adventures can begin. Visiting the world without visas is going to become your reality. This country has great connections all over the world. Their passport will allow you to visit to over 156 countries without a need for a visa. This list covers all countries that are members of Schengen, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. With their passport, you can even apply and receive a long-term visa to pretty secluded countries with strict immigrant laws such as Canada and America. Even if this is not enough for you, things just keep on getting better. We are talking about the tax relief you’ll receive by conducting business on the soil of this island. Their system, unlike many others, favors the investor. We’re talking about a tropical paradise, so investing in property is a must especially when you see their property tax. But, you’ll fall on your ass when you see that there’s no income tax. We can say that in addition to being a tropical paradise we can call it a tax one too. This statement wouldn’t be an exaggeration by any means.

The last but not least, we should say that getting their citizenship by investment is great. But, before receiving it you truly need to invest. This shouldn’t pose an issue. Getting a second passport without leaving your country is great, but taking advantage of positive business opportunities is even better. We should start by saying that tourism here is booming and that getting your money directed in that place is a must. Companies registered here work in many branches but focusing on what works best is always the path investors take. Of course, you can focus on other fields, depending on what your forte in the world of business is.

What Are The Requirements?

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Even in this department St Kitts and Nevis aren’t too demanding. What you need is more than 18 year of age with a clean immigration bill,  and surprisingly of good health. The list gets a bit more complicated so we’ll allow for people more adept than us to continue the explanation. You can find them if you follow https://imperiallegal.com/media/articles/benefits-st-kitts-nevis-citizenship