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Citizenship by Investment – 2024 Guide

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Obtaining citizenship by investing in the economy or other spheres of public life is a common practice used by many island states or small countries. Saint Kitts and Nevis is no exception. Since the economy largely depends on tourism and foreign investment, you can make a beneficial investment and get a passport of this country.

It should be noted that this way of becoming a citizen has been used here for quite a long time. The country can even be called a pioneer in this area. The program was first launched back in 1984, and since then the Caribbean island has managed to attract a lot of investors.

Basic requirements for would-be citizens

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Since this offer for foreigners has been available for quite a long time, all the procedures are well-adjusted. Thus, the main requirements for candidates are as follows:

The investment amount. It must be no less than $150,000. This one is a key requirement. You can invest in almost any economic sector: from consumer industry to tourism. At the same time, the money will be checked for legal sources of wealth. You will also need to pay a state fee. However, these are only formal procedures that rarely become an obstacle for potential citizens.

Age. The applicant must be of legal age. According to local laws, everyone over the age of 18 is recognized as an adult. Also, potential citizens undergo a special security screening. It includes investigating the source of money and investment specifics. No problems with the criminal code in other countries. It is also important that your immigration certificate is in order. These documents will be checked for sure.

No chronic diseases that require long-term and permanent treatment, as well as assistance from the state. As the extensive experience of implementing this program shows, potential candidates rarely have problems with obtaining the document. Most of them meet the specified requirements, which makes it possible for them to obtain a passport on legal grounds. Now, the procedure takes 3-4 months. If you want to speed up the process, then you can finish with all the red tape in 45-60 days.

Investment process specifics

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The state doesn’t restrict you in choosing a sector to invest in. You can choose almost any area. In this regard, the country’s program for obtaining citizenship compares favorably with how it works in many European countries. The latter usually regulate the areas available for investment.

Now, especially under restricted conditions caused by the coronavirus, it is also important that it is possible to perform all the procedures and get a passport remotely. To become a full-fledged citizen, you won’t even need to fly to the island. This saves you time and money. You can send all the documents online by mail. You can use the same method for passing an interview.

Investing in this country is a good long-run solution. Here, the economy is developing steadily, the crime rate is quite low. Therefore, you can just enjoy yourself and develop your business. The application is submitted through a special agent like Imperial & Legal. This procedure is prescribed in the law. Besides, by using professional services, you will reduce the probability of a negative decision.

The example of Saint Kitts and Nevis proves that even small states that became independent from the metropolis can steadily develop and prosper with no well-developed industry or modern technologies. Today, the state’s main sources of income are:

1. Export of sugar cane

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This is a common plant for this geographical area. It used to generate the main export profit.

2. Tourism sector

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This region is known for its gorgeous climate, so it’s not surprising that travelers from all over the world often choose it for their vacations.

3. Service sector

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The investment distribution scheme is extremely simple. You invest in real estate and get the right to own it for a certain time (usually it is about 5-7 years). Besides, you should invest money in a special public fund. It deals with a variety of social projects.

These include benefits and infrastructure development in the country. In return, not only you can but other members of your family as well can obtain citizenship. Get a passport – and you will quickly appreciate all the advantages of living on the dynamically developing islands.

What are the advantages of obtaining a passport in this country?

Potential investors may ask quite a reasonable question – why is it the economy of Saint Kitts and Nevis I should invest in? There are many other countries, including European ones. However, your choice of this island state will pay off at once. As for the main advantages of investing here, the following should be mentioned:

The well-adjusted program that has been operating for almost 40 years. Citizens from all over the world are moving here. The visa center specialists know their tasks perfectly well, so document processing takes minimum time here. Moreover, you can choose the accelerated procedure, which will allow you to become a full-fledged citizen of this island state in less than 2 months on legal grounds.

Quite a low tax rate. This is one of the main advantages that all local residents receive. Unlike North America and Europe where taxes are traditionally high, in this country you don’t have to give a large part of the profit to the state. This promotes your business development. Those who are just starting their business also get favorable conditions.

An open visa to more than 140 countries around the globe. Having a passport of this country, you can travel with almost no restrictions. In most cases, you will require no additional documents to travel around the world. It’s extremely convenient and significantly simplifies the process of moving around the globe. The opportunity of obtaining citizenship for your family as well. The procedure for granting them the documents has been significantly simplified.

You don’t have to own a place of residence on the territory of this island state. Due to all these reasons, the choice of the country in question seems reasonable. All you need is to make a single large investment in its economy to pay minimal taxes in the future and enjoy free travel around the world. In general, the climate of the country is perfectly suitable for living here on a permanent basis. It’s not a problem if you aren’t interested in it – this is not required for obtaining citizenship.

Thus, if you need a new passport for any reasons not contradicting the law, then choosing Saint Kitts and Nevis will surely become a good solution. Here, all the procedures have been well-adjusted for a long time, and the officials will be ready to meet you halfway. Thus, you will feel real support from the island state and its representatives. Therefore, be sure to become its citizen, and the authorities will guarantee the utmost protection of your rights and freedoms.