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Evernote – Remember Everything

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Evernote is simply the modern workspace of your life which helps you to be more productive. It’s probably most famous digital notebook today. Evernote will help you achieve your goals no matter if you are business man or just working from home like freelancer. You can use Evernote to find what you need, easily search through all notes that you saved and quickly access them or their info. Collect everything from websites, images, handwritten text, crop anything you like and save directly to app from multiple sources around web. You can take notes, write them down from big length research notes to short lists it’s your choice, and you can share what you are working with others.

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It can be a bit difficult for new users as you are presented with almost blank page, but in time you will understand how to use it. If this was only application where you could type some notes inside, most of people would use it only for writing some details of their work or personal lives, since you can add almost anything it serves unorganized people to become more organized in their life. Many people refer to Evernote as being their external brain, so whether you are flying on a business meeting or staying home this app will completely free your mind from remembering all the small and big things you have to do. When you are surfing online sometimes you ask yourself, where did I put that photo or did I saved this website on bookmarks, but with Evernote you will never have to ask those questions again.

The main design and interface is bit different on every platform but essentially the core is same and it works in the same way everywhere. So whether you’re running Evernote app on your Mac, tablet, PC or even from web browser online, the basics of adding notes and finding them remains the same. Installing Evernote is very easy, just download it from official website and create free account, this is also one great plus, app is free for users. There is also premium version of Evernote with some extra features and possibility for uploading more data but since you are probably not business user you don’t have to worry about that. When you successfully made account and signed in for the first time you will be presented with main menu from where you can navigate on. If you want an extra organization in Evernote, there’s an option of saving notes in different specific notebooks. They serve just like real physical notebooks, so you can choose and customize it the way you want it.

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You can access your Evernote even on smartphone if you have one, and it works in very similar way when opened on desktop. With Evernote installed both on your PC and smartphone you can synchronize files in both ways. This serves you great when you are not at home or when you are at work and you need to write important information, just open Evernote on smartphone, write it down in a note and save, synchronize to your PC and when you are back at home it’s already there available. It also saves you from loosing that small paper or if later you can’t read what you wrote cause you was in a hurry and letters are scribbled and misplaced. One cool thing about Evernote is web clipper. How many times you’ve seen something online and you wanted to save specific part of it be it an image or text, and not saving entire page.  Well, now you can with this little tool as it enables you to clip and paste any part of web page.


I use Evernote myself and it serves me as my virtual box in which I can store anything I want. It’s like a container where you put all your materials and never have to worry where you collected all those random bits of information from web, and that’s the magic part of it. If you are still not using Evernote you are missing something that will help you organize your life, it’s brilliant app that keeps everything connected between your PC, tablet or smartphone.