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How to Find Infographic Designer ?

Infographic Designer and infographics design

If you are looking for a good infographic design company or infographic designer, here is a really good advise by designer J.M.Coates:
There are design firms that specialize in infographics. Here are three:
– Dynamic Diagrams
blog they have on the subject
– Mijksenaar (in Netherlands but works internationally)
– Dubberly Design Office
But just about any serious graphic design firm can do this kind of work but not any firm can do it right. Ideally you want a firm that has principles who studied at a design program that taught this subject. For example, Hugh Dubberly of DDO studied at RISD where Kris Lenk (founder of Dynamic Diagrams) taught information design.
But many other top design school teach this subject.
Note that these firms also work on other things like signage and wayfinding or interface design, But they can all do infographics.
The big name in information design is Edward Tuffte. There are also books on the subject by Tufte and Paul Mijksenaar.
Finally, there are some younger designers who are working in this area with some nice “looking” work. McCandless, AWH, and others. But, I think their work contains a bit too much visual fluff or is more icon design or more experimental than practical.
Anyone who is serious about information design will not let the fluff interfere with the information! But often designers come out of art or illustration backgrounds and just have got to put some graphic information in the design that is, well, not information. On the other side, Tufte actually catches flack for being a bit too serious. So you have to measure how much of that you want. A bit of decorative fluff, graphic acrobatics, or more direct and informational – if not as sexy.
The best designers make really great looking stuff that actually works! Herbert Bayer made some amazing information design work in the World Geographic Atlas in the mid 20th century. Here are images of it on Flikr:
That first slide is one comparing the size of the sun with a solar flair to the planets.
It looked great and was useful. National Geographic is also known for blending it perfectly.
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