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cruise ship technology

When it comes to technology, cruise ships have been lagged from rest of industry travel vehicles. Wi-fi was pretty slow and the only thing worth mentioning is that investments have been made in system that should make paying easier, for activities like dinners, spa treatments or going to the casino. But, things are starting to change, at last. If you are travelling on a cruise ship, technology can really make an effect on what kind of experience you have. From robot bartenders to newest video games, there is plenty of activity and high tech entertainment that you can choose at sea. Honestly, even though there are lot of cool stuff inside a cabin, cruising experience is not just about room but full experience on ship. Anyway, I can compare cabin with Casino Rooms. They are nice areas to be but just for a shorter period of time. You can find many gadgets in well appointed cabins.

First on the list is Big flat screen TV with built in blu-ray or dvd player, this is very important factor which you will find in most of cabins. With TV you will also get communication system with big choice of different services like adverts of events on ship or daily schedule, as this is accessed through screen. Most of cruising ships today are well equipped with Wi-Fi access, so you can stay in touch with your family or check the latest news. Wireless is enabled for mobile phones too. This will play important role because your phone will be able to open doors, charge wines with meals or order any other drinks. Lot of the focus is centered aroud biometrics, but with security in mind. It’s important for cruise ship to monitor all crew and guest which are on board. 2 of things that are contenders for biometrics are scanning of the palm and facial recognition. There are also alternative methods of phone and biometric technologies. It’s called RFID ankleband or wristband. By wearing this technology, sensors on ship can detect where guests are located. If you are in cabin, you will also have safe. This eliminates the need for remembering more PIN-codes. Door locks and safe are using same locks, doesn’t matter if they are opened with biometric, keycard, phone or RFID.

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But all of this is of course not cheap, only Wi-Fi costs around $100 dollars per day. The technology has allowed great view even for passengers who are staying in less expensive areas. In cabins where less windows are, cruising ships are installing monitors that are showing live streams of balcony parts. There’s also an idea to bypass check-ins procedures immediately and save up time by letting passengers from sidewalks to staterooms. How is this gonna be possible? Well, passengers will do all the paperwork at home from documents for boarding to uploading ID photos and after that receiving confirmation from board in digital format too. When they arrive at terminal there will be no forms, lines or counter for check-ins. If you are travelling on ship you can also track your luggage with smartphone application.

In some of the ships, high tech entertainment is available as big panoramic views of sea and when the night falls those panes of glass transform into screen projections where any imaginable scene can appear, for example skyline of New York City or dolphin swimming in the sea. Market of cruising ships is expanding and booming and it’s no wonder that top priority of liners is experience of its guests. Best cruise ships are earning percentage of profit from guests that are returning. So we can hope in future any new technology that can eliminate delays or standing in lines of any sort, and at the same time keeping guests informed, involved in activities and entertained will be very welcomed as it will have increased and dramatic impact on increased revenue profit.