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Cool Hashtag Marketing Tips For Instagram

Cool Hashtag Marketing Tips For Instagram

Cool #Hashtag Marketing Tips For Instagram

Marketing on various social media platforms is the thing now. One of most interesting things is the use of hashtags. Today it represents the essence of communication through the social media. They can also help users on Instagram to pick up new followers or discover new accounts. Hashtags on Instagram are very, very important. If you use the right ones you will get more followers, customers and even likes, there is no question about it. But, not everyone can easily find out what are the proper hashtags for their business. Hashtags are crucial for 3 elements. They can increase reach of posts, which will attract even more followers, you can find individuals with similar interests on Instagram and also hashtags can help you in researching the market and finding out information about your competition also find out more about growing your fanbase with Gatherxp.

If you are marketer, you simply can’t allow yourself to ignore hashtags. Hashtags were firstly introduced back in the days where there were no social sites we are using today but live messaging and chats. Twitter was the one platform that really popularized them. But how do they look and what are they? They are basically a group of words something like : #hashtag, #instagram, or some other word. Now, there are 3 crucial strategies for hashtag marketing and they are : trending , content, campaign and brand specific hashtags. So what are campaign and brand hashtags and why you need it? Those are special type of hashtags that you create for your own business and use them for promotions and marketing of brand. It is hashtag that is unique and defines your business. Campaign hashtags are ones created specifically for each of different campaigns. It has to be easy to spell and pretty short since you want people to be able to remember it.

Trending hashtags are those who became very popular. But they are also changing all the time, from minute to minute. If there is a trend that is connected to your business get engaged by using it. You can spread the message to big number of people. This is almost like giving your business that 10 seconds of fame, or a Super Bowl spot. But how can you find what are trending hashtags? Right now, you can use Google+ and Twitter as they are the only ones who have them on their sites. But there are also websites you can visit to see whats trending, for example : hashtags.org, Statigram, or Trendsmap. Use these type of hashtags for developing and connecting to your audience and market that’s being targeted. Be quick in all of this so you can give more exposure for brand and content.

The third ones are content hashtags and they are used in posts. They don’t have to be popular, branded or even trending. They are just simple hashtags connected to the content of your post. They can also improve the SEO side of your posts. Some of the most common categories where we see this hashtags are hashtags about events, locations, lifestyle and specific products.  Are you using hashtags in your company campaigns? If you would like to get most out of hashtags follow some of these tips and you can start to implement them creating the next successful campaign at your company.