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Should You Buy A Cat Window Perch for Your Feline Friend?

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If you’re a pet owner who spends a lot of time at home, there’s a good chance you have a cat. Cats are wonderful companions to love humans.

If you live alone with your cat or share your home with multiple cats, it can be hard to give them enough attention. It is tough to get them the exercise they need to stay healthy and happy.

One great way to make sure your furry friends don’t miss out on any love is by having them their very own cat window perch.

With these accessible indoor climbing points, owners can ensure kitties get plenty of fresh air. They need sunshine also while getting some exercise and social interactions on the side.

Benefits Of Having The Best Cat Window Perch

A window perch is one of the most popular cat products on the market today. When you provide a window perch, you’ll be giving them something to enjoy while also keeping them safe and secure.

Here you can learn about some benefits for your cat.

Premium Viewing Area

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Do you know why your cat loves to be near windows? Because it gives them a great vantage point from which to view the world!

Outdoors and indoor cats alike will love being able to gaze at birds, squirrels, and other animals.

A window perch can give them a chance to watch people walk by. Cats love nothing more than a good bird-in-air chase. So consider placing your cat’s perch next to the window closest to the main road.

Exercise & Activity

Another great benefit of cat window perches is that they are easy to use. As cats are natural climbers, most of them have no problem jumping from different areas to their new perch.

Not only can it be fun for kitties, but also it provides an excellent way to exercise. Many cats tend to spend a lot of time sleeping.

They need a way to get out their extra energy through play and exercise. Having a cat window perch means you can give your buddy an easy way to exercise their body.

You’ll be able to easily monitor your cat’s activity level by watching for their behavior. If they spend most of the time sleeping, it could mean they need more playtime to stay healthy and happy.

Natural Sunlight

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When cats are indoors, they don’t receive the same natural sunlight as outdoors. Less sunlight can be troubling because their body needs a healthy dose of vitamin D to stay happy and healthy.

Your window perch can solve the problem and ensure your cat gets enough sunlight. In many cases, kitties will spend time on their perch simply by resting on it. Or even napping so that they can soak up the sunlight.

If you notice your cat spending extra time on their perch, as well as other windows around the house, it could suggest your cat needs more outdoor time.

Encourages exercise

As mentioned above, many cats can become lazy if they don’t get enough exercise throughout the day.

If you have a perch set up in an easy-to-reach spot, it can be a great way to encourage your pet to climb onto their perch and get moving.

Of course, you should always try playing with your cat or interacting with them directly before resorting to using their window perch.

If possible, try playing with your cats on the ground by using interactive toys and other fun tricks.

Comfortable Resting Spot

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A cat window perch can be a great way to teach your cat to be more comfortable in their own home.

In many cases, cats avoid being near windows out of fear or anxiety because they’ve had bad experiences with other animals outside. Or they’re unfamiliar with the sights and sounds they perceive while near windows.

By setting up a perch, you can encourage them to get closer so that they’re more used to the view.

In many cases, cats will learn to love their window perch from the comfort and safety that it provides.

Great for Traveling

Another great benefit of cat window perches is that they can help your cat travel better. If you’re planning for a vacation or leaving your kitty at home by themselves, kitties can get lonely when they’re left alone.

If you want to give them something interesting to focus on while you’re away, consider setting up a window perch. The perch gives your cat something fun to look at while they wait.


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Many cat window perches are extremely affordable, yet they still provide positive benefits. If you love your kitties, you can also expect to save money in the long run. It can also be a lot less expensive to keep your cats indoors rather than letting them roam the streets.

Here are some cat window perch examples from The Pet Staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:1. Do cats need a perch?

Ans: Yes, they need perches; in fact, they like perches. Cats would climb up tree trunks with ease or even climb vines on the ground if given a chance.

So cats need to have at least one place to go high enough.

Q:2. How do you put a cat window in a perch?

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Ans: There is no ideal way to put a cat window into a perch. It depends on how much money you want to spend, what you want to do with your cat window.

It also depends on how much maintenance it will take, and how the cat feels about its ability to stay safe are all things to consider.

Q:3. How do I get my cat to get on a hammock chair?

Ans: You should always try to explain everything about hammocks to your cat. Put the hammock chair in the spot you’d like your cat to sleep.

It should be a good location, where there isn’t too much movement. Allow your cat to explore its new bed without hovering over it constantly.

Final Words

If your cat doesn’t have a perch of their own or at least one space that they can use as a perch, you need to provide them with one. You can buy or build The Best Cat Window Perch for Your Feline Friend into your home.

It will help keep your cat healthy and safe from predators. And from any other potential danger in the area.