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Boxing Promoters: We’re Just Waiting On Drake

Source: xxlmag.com

The men attempting to get Chris Brown and Drake to settle their differences in the boxing ring tell RumorFix that they’re thrilled Chris Brown is up for the challenge, and they will make sure he gets the proper training IF Drake also accepts.

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As RumorFix first reported, Brown says he would definitely fight Drake for the $9 million boxing promoter Damon Feldmen and entrepreneur Alki David have offered the winner of the fight; the loser would take home a cool $1 million.

“We are very excited Chris Brown has accepted to fight his nemesis,” both men said in a statement to RumorFix. “Should Drake accept the $10 million dollar challenge and go toe-to-toe for three rounds against Chris Brown, but fighters will be put through training leading up to the Las Vegas event in September.

They will be trained by some of the most iconic names in professional boxing history.”

While Brown has publicly gone on record saying he would square off against the Canadian, Drake has remained mum about the the opportunity to settle their beef the old-fashioned way.