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American Startup Facts for 2015


America invented the startup concept. It got us kind of used to it being innovative in the field of business and providing lessons for the rest of the world in that field of human activity. These are some interesting facts about startups based on information on 79.166 startup businesses in the United States tracked by AngelList.


When talking about location, it turns out California is the state with most startup projects and New York as a city alone has 10.316 startups. The runner up with 10.110 registered startup companies is San Francisco, and the bronze goes to Los Angeles with 4.711 companies (5.96%). Silicon Valley blooms with startups with 20% of total amount, and oddly enough they are all within 50 miles from one another. Must be quite the competitive climate over there. Both east and the west coast don’t fall behind in the startup culture development. The least startup ventures are located in Alaska, quite understandably.

As for the type of startups, in other words – what industry the startups are related with, it would have to be the mobile industry in the first place. Ecommerce follows along with social media and service providing software. These are all current and developing industries, obviously in need of upgrades and profitable solutions. That explains their high ranking in our ‘most popular industries for startup’ list. One of the facts we could easily foresee is the most used domain. With 82.6% the most popular domain is definitely .com. Other domains like .co, .org and .net are left far behind with just a few percent of prevalence. But something you could never predict is the most frequently used length of a domain name, which would be of 8 characters. Seems like 12.24% of all startup owners think this is optimal name length presenting their offers.

Some eye-catching information was obtained on the subject of web security. The fact that only 4.17% of all startups have HTTPS security protocols for their computer networks may come across as devastating. This is also an important aspect of their functioning, so it would come in hand to consider investing in secure and reliable networks.

Now let’s take a look into the semantics. What are the most popular words used in company names? Statistics say that 1.350 of all startups use the word Com and 957 companies use the word Group within their official name. The word Technologies has a really tight score with Group which is 926, followed by the word Media in 879 company names. This also gives us some insight about their industry of choice, and fits into the picture of a mostly technologically based startup chain.

Americans are proven entrepreneurs, with strong belief and tough principles. The whole startup idea is originated in their hope of something being able to work no matter the circumstances and beginner possibilities. That must be what makes them so accomplished in it.