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15 Evergreen Work-Inspiring Strategies for Every Business Environment

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Have you ever wondered what strategies for increasing business productivity would work thirty years ago and which ones will be valid thirty years from now? As the technological development is exercising higher influence over the labor market, we‘re witnessing the increased variety of professions and work conditions. Faced with those new challenges, employees from different fields of work share the same type of work-related issues. What they all need are some general motivational strategies that will help them overcome their emerging difficulties. Here’s a broad array of never-wilting ideas that can ensure long-lasting motivation, as well as private and professional success.


  • Seize the day early


Although this might sound like the most generic strategy ever, what we mean by this is that people who start working early in the morning tend to be more productive. According to the results of a study conducted by a biologist Christoph Randler and brought by the Harvard Business Review, morning people take higher positions in the business hierarchy. Also, if you know that some of the most successful people in the world are morning people, it would be wise to try the morning work tactic. For instance, Sir Richard Branson usually gets up at 5.45am, the Apple CEO Tim Cook says hello to the sun at 3.45am and the GE CEO Jeff Immeltis on his feet at 5.30am, for his jogging routine.


  • Put the time under control


Apart from getting up early in the morning, time management has to include a lot of other factors. Firstly, a well-organized businessperson will always have a schedule for several days in advance. Planning is the vital aspect of every business story with a happy ending.

Moreover, when every second of your work day is under your own strict control, you can always keep the up-tempo pace for achieving your goals. This is extremely important for staying inspired in your work environment. If you achieve your goals according to your plans, your self-confidence will grow, as will your income.

On the other hand, failing to accomplish your objectives on time will affect your self-esteem. For all these reasons, don’t underestimate the power of time, but make it work for you instead.


  • Take the bull by the horns


Or eat the biggest frog first, if you prefer amphibians to ungulates. When you need to decide what your list of business priorities will look like, never leave the most complex tasks for later. There’s no hidden philosophy in this piece of advice. Simply put, you should tackle the most demanding tasks at the beginning of your work day or week. By doing so, your solutions will be more creative when your mind is still fresh. This is why your priority list should start with the most difficult tasks and finish with the easiest ones. As the planned period of work is coming to an end and your energy level is dropping, you’ll reduce the risk of making a mistake during the work process.


  • Work on your knowledge


Being a reliable worker includes a set of particular characteristics. Among the crucial ones for the present-day and future workers is the hunger for knowledge. However, today you can often hear that the yearning for lifelong learning is the achievement of modern society. This is simply a misconception. People have always possessed passion for knowledge. Just remember the medieval myth about Doctor Faustus and his lust for scientific perfection.

To get back to the contemporary work conditions, it goes without saying that open-minded people are highly likely to score better workplaces. So, if you want to keep your motivation high throughout your career, you should never stop learning.


  • Exercise constant change


Routine is the greatest nemesis of progress. If you disagree with this statement, try leaving a managing position in a successful company and replace it with a position in any public service. In addition, stay on that position for a year. Then you’ll see what it means to be stuck in routine. Because of that, creative people should embark on a continuous quest for a change. Only when you have to constantly adapt to new work conditions are you capable of showing your full mental capacity. This is why not only jobs in the public sector kill creativity, but a growing number of private companies also affect their employees in the same way.

  • Use the work breaks wisely


Let’s face it – the Internet is brimming with trivial content. Be it websites with funny gifs, images and memes, or video channels, people often get carried away by entertaining Web features. While every now and then it’s good to take a rest from work, procrastination is the worst thing you can do. Instead of watching gifs with cats scratching sofas, download an educational podcast and go for a walk. The benefit of this type of break will be three-fold. You’ll clear your head from all the work stress, learn more about a certain topic and improve your physical condition.


  • Flexible work hours


No matter if you’re a freelancer or a full-time employee in a company, your personal productivity will be significantly improved if you apply some flexibility features. So, you should sit down with your boss and make an effort to negotiate flexible work hours and/or working from home occasionally. You could also have him or her read this article that favors flexible work. If you can organize your time in accordance with your personal preferences, you’ll be happier at work. This will result in increased work efficiency.


  • Work from home


If you get an opportunity to work flexible hours and you like that feeling, consider working from home in the future. Still, the period of transition might be stressful. You’ll probably have to retain the full-time job while working some extra hours from home. Nevertheless, if you make a plan and set a deadline until you want to leave your regular job to start working as a freelancer, the strenuous double-shift work will pay off eventually.

In addition, workers who at least try working from home will be more contented because they’ll be proud of themselves for setting off for a business (ad)venture with an uncertain ending.


  • Embrace technology


This isn’t only the age of technology. What we’re witnessing today is that technology is becoming the major driving force in every single thing we do. Therefore, people shouldn’t escape from technology. It’s clear from this point of view that the future will be largely influenced by advanced tech innovations, such as virtual reality, cloud-based businesses and artificial intelligence. Therefore, modern employees need to learn as much as they can about smart phones, tablets and other state-of-the-art gadgets, so as to use them in their everyday work tasks and generate higher profits through more efficient work.


  • Utilize modern software


As the demand for advanced IT-skills will rise in every entrepreneurial environment, it’s vital to get aboard that vessel if you want to have the chance to surf the business waters of the future. No matter if you’re an employee or a large company, a worker in a small business or a home-based freelancer, you have to learn how to use some modern software tools. For instance, project management software solutions should be part of every working computer these days. They can help you track your work progress, organize the work tasks and discuss any emerging problems.

Furthermore, today businesses can deal with their financial documents through software tools, as well. That way, you can opt for a simple invoice generator and speed up the process of charging the clients for your services. If you still prefer the old school amazing templates here and review what we have in mind for you.

In addition, contemporary cloud services can come in pretty handy when it comes to storage solution. The assets saved this way could be used for advancing your work organization and efficiency.


  • Explore new areas


The aforementioned cloud solutions don’t only offer an opportunity to store data online, but they can also be used for advanced work options. Those possibilities can be comprised in only one word – outsourcing. If we assume that you’ve already applied the strategies numbered 6, 7 and 8, your business will start growing, if everything goes well. Since hiring a large number of full-time employees is a heavy rock around a soft entrepreneurial neck, it’s much smarter to outsource different services when you need them. That way you can explore the new corners of this versatile business world and find the best deals for your business.


  • Hang out with new people


When people leave university and start working, their socialization becomes much more benefit-centered. This trend shouldn’t be criticized, simply because it’s the most natural thing to do. For instance, in nature you can also find many examples where animals join in packs, to protect one another’s interest. People do the same, with only one difference – we call it networking.

If you want to stay informed on the latest events in your field of work, you need to meet new people and hang out with them. Attend business events, get more engaged in social media and expand the network or non-business friendships, as well. No man is an island, and it definitely isn’t the case in the contemporary business environment.


  • Family in the first place


If your entire life is career-centered, your personal life will suffer. What’s more, your family might even get an impression that you don’t pay enough attention to them. This is why you should never give advantage to work over your family. In line with that, being closely connected with your family improves your chances in the business race for one major reason – it ensures emotional stability, which is one of the main prerequisites for remaining a strong business player in the long run. Also, if you keep your emotions balanced, you can improve your emotional intelligence.


  • Pursue your hobbies


Every worker who reduces themselves to the house-work lifestyle is sentenced to a fast burnout. What should be done instead of that is indulging in your hobbies. Even if you’ve never had a hobby, the 30s and the 40s are the right time to take up one or several activities that will help you relieve the work stress. When it comes to sports, table tennis, tennis, bowling and jogging are the least hazardous options for middle-aged people.

On the other hand, there are also dozens of crafts, like carpentry, weaving, cooking etc. that can also help you keep you mind in shape.

And on top of it all, no matter how old or preoccupied you are, there’s one supreme activity when it comes to mental hygiene – reading.


  • Nurture your body


As a report published by the BBC shows, the majority of office workers in the UK spend too little time walking and standing. This sedentary lifestyle is taking its toll and affects business productivity. So, if you want to stand up to this dangerous trend, it’s imperative to treat your body with special care.


“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn


Apply at least some of the following tips on a daily basis if you want to stay healthy.


  • Walk to work at least three times a week. Alternatively, spend at least 30 mins a day walking.
  • Ride your bike whenever you can.
  • Stand at least for 30 mins at work.
  • Eat three healthy meals. Eliminate sweets. Eat more fruit.
  • Go for a massage at least once a week.


If office workers follow those tips, they won’t get obese. Staying fit will definitely help them remain productive and satisfied as long as they work.


As years go by, people change. Also, the spark that once ignited the passion for success starts wearing off. Because of that, it’s important to be well-organized both in your private life and your business tasks. When you arrange your time to improve yourself in every single area of your business work, while taking care that your private wishes are satisfied, as well, it is likely that your entrepreneurial flame will keep burning for decades.








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