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Why You Should By An RC Car

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Great thing about buying this type of cars is that there is such a big offer to choose from, there’s probably one for everyone. Doesn’t matter if you are hardcore fan that looks at this more then just a hobby with a big budget or just a kid who wants to race other friends or have fun alone driving it. You will enjoy hours and hours of excitement, choosing between driving monster truck, race cars or even flying a plane. Before you think of buying new RC car most important part to look for is size of the vehicle and what type of powering it has. You can either buy car that’s already built for immediate running or build it by yourself. Speedy cars are more on road types of vehicles while buggies are preferred to drive on rugged terrain. Something that you really need to keep in mind is that if you are serious about RC cars it can get very expensive hobby.


Whether you are just building and playing with their engines or using them for race, RC cars are great hobby for anyone. If you are asking what does RC stands for, well it means remote or radio controlled car. When you are planning to enter competition certainly there would be some extra costs but if plan purchase and buy a good car you can win and get the prize that will surely outweigh all costs you put into it.  Batteries for RC car can last up to 10 to 250 minutes. So driving of your car is limited to how many packs of battery you have. Keep in mind that 1 pack of batteries requires anywhere between 1 to 8 hours to fully charge, it depends what type of charger and batteries you have. Since RC cars are replicas of big cars almost in anything, they also require maintenance of engine, regular air filtering and other procedures.

RC car consists of 4 main parts. Transmitter which is the controller that you are holding in hands to control your car with radio frequencies. Next part is in your car and it’s receiver, it’s made of 2 parts. One part is circuit board and other is antenna. Radio frequency send by transmitter is picked up by receiver. Motor is like a heart of every RC vehicle. There are many versions of motors, and this is most important part to look for if you plan to build one by yourself. And batteries that are power supply for engine output , acceleration and steering, there’s just 1 difference between electric cars and nitro cars. Nitro cars are using fuel similar to real cars and electric are driving on rechargeable batteries.rc car nissan

Lets go through more detailing description of differences between RC cars. Question is, are you shooting on having more realistic car or car with better performances for races. There are 2 basic categories of RC cars which are on road and off road versions. On road cars are replicas almost identical to real racing cars. From formula 1, rally, dragsters, drift, semi trucks, touring cars and much more to choose from. On road car is what you will buy if you love fast speed cars with good ability of driving. These types of cars are most popular type with scale of cars from 1/8 to 1/10th. PremierCarModels.com is the number-one selling name in Ready-To-Race® nitro and electric RC crawler, cars and trucks. Browse our selection of RTR Cars and Trucks from Kyosho Samurai, OttoMobile, Minichamps, Tamiya, Kyosho and more.

If you want to drive your car almost anywhere, you should choose off road vehicles as they are more sturdy and strong. You can run them on hills, different terrains, even on sand, and they can handle jumping. This category includes stadium and monster trucks, buggies and trucks for desert. This would be good option if you are new to RC cars since you don’t have to worry all time where you can drive it, and it will sure handle everything you put him through.

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When you completed choosing the right model for you it’s time to decide the right scale size for your new car. They can come in many dimensions but most used size is 1/10 scale. This means real car of your cars replica is 10 times larger. So remember that the larger your second number on scale is, the more smaller car will be. You should go with 1/10 scale because you have the biggest option of cars to choose from, it’s small but still can be driven anywhere, it doesn’t require too much space for storing and its easy for transporting.

Building RC cars is a great project, especially for raining days, and it’s for people of any age. There are only few hobbies very unique and entertaining as this. From fast electric cars to nitro cars with their smokes. It’s absolutely fun to have a race with them, so what are you waiting for? Get ready because it’s almost time of the race. 3,2,1, start your engines. 🙂