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Which Typeface is Best For You


It’s more than obvious that besides design and functionality of the site a lot of attention is paid to the content that its sides offer. Moreover, in many cases you can not even begin to design or to make any functionality on the site if you do not know which content will present that design.

The most important part of the content is, of course the text. It can be presented in different ways and mainly depends on the font used, the style, size, color and so on. When specifying the font for the web is necessary to pay attention to what a font needs to have to look nicely on the screen. Here are some of the features:

  • Low contrast, a simple stroke with a consistent thickness
  • good height
  • decent width and space between letters
  • decent width within letters

Taking these remarks into account when designing a website you can go beyond of the web fonts standard. Many do not devote enough time choosing the font, because they believe that it is enough just to write the text, and that’s all. But it’s not that simple. Font itself, play a big role in web design, and design generally. In infographic below you can check which typeface is best for you: