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Unveiling the Shortest Soccer Player in the Game: Who Holds the Title?

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Soccer, a sport celebrated for its diversity and inclusivity, features players of varying physical attributes excelling on the field. In a game often dominated by players of towering stature, the presence of shorter athletes who defy the norms and excel is a testament to soccer’s universal appeal.

Now, we want to talk about the individual who holds the title of the shortest soccer player in professional play: Élton José Xavier Gomes.

The Role of Height in Soccer

In soccer, height is often considered a significant advantage, particularly for positions like goalkeeping and central defense, where aerial ability can be crucial. However, this doesn’t negate the extraordinary talent and skill that shorter players bring to the pitch.

Shorter players often excel in agility, balance, and ball control, navigating the field with a low center of gravity that can give them an edge in dribbling and quick movements. These players have consistently demonstrated that skill and tactical understanding can eclipse physical attributes in determining a player’s success.

The Shortest in the Game

Élton José Xavier Gomes, a Brazilian professional soccer player, is recognized as the shortest soccer player currently active at the professional level. Standing at just 1.54 meters (5 feet 1 inch), Élton’s stature is well below the average fovv6r professional soccer players.

Born on April 7, 1986, in Palmeira dos Índios, Brazil, Élton’s career has been marked by his exceptional skill set that defies his physical limitations. Despite his height, Élton has carved out a successful career in soccer, primarily playing as an attacking midfielder.

His journey has seen him play for various clubs across different countries, including stints in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and his home country, Brazil. His agility, quick feet, and exceptional ball control make him a formidable opponent on the field. His playing style is a clear illustration that in soccer, heart and skill are as vital as physical attributes.

The Impact of Short Players in Soccer

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Short soccer player like Élton José Xavier Gomes always impacts the game. These have significantly impacted the game, offering a different style of play that often mesmerizes fans and baffles opponents. Their low center of gravity allows for incredible balance and agility, making them excellent at dribbling and makinvg quick turns.

Furthermore, their stature often enables quicker acceleration, an asset in creating space and breaking through defensive lines. These players challenge the stereotype that height is a prerequisite for soccer success, instead highlighting the sport’s inclusivity and diversity.


The story of Élton José Xavier Gomes, the shortest soccer player in professional soccer, is an inspiring narrative that showcases the sport’s all-embracing nature.

His career is a testament to the fact that soccer is a game of skill, passion, and determination, where physical characteristics like height do not solely define a player’s potential or success.

Players like Élton demonstrate that in the beautiful game of soccer, talent and heart reign supreme, offering hope and inspiration to many aspiring athletes who might not fit the traditional physical mold.