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Two-Player Games Reviews

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In this article, I would like to share some good friv games which I’ve found before. Let’s start from the beginning? If you still don’t know what browser games are – highly recommend checking Wiki pages about Flash games or HTML5 games. It may help you to see the whole picture. There are many sources where you can find such games, like Friv website which provides such an opportunity for gamers. Sounds crazy, right?

War of the Castles

Source: conisbroughcastle.org.uk

Pixel game in the genre of PvP castles, but with elements of roles. You fight against your friend. You have a catapult, a standard sword and the ability to build blocks. To use the catapult, stand next to it and press a certain key.

Above you, from time to time, a stranger flies over and drops various useful bonuses and weapons. Collect them to become stronger. To win, kill your opponent more times than he killed you before the end of the match.


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People have always been drawn to the supernatural, and the modern world, with its progress and technology, has not been able to discourage this desire. Today, it has become more difficult to scare people with werewolves and ghosts, and vampires have become a fun attraction.

But the new times have their own horrors: now they live on the Internet and cell phones. The newest among them is the heroine of the mobile game Momo, known for sending threatening messages if you add her to your contact list.

The creepy drawn girl with the huge eyes and slit mouth has moved the shoulder of such scarecrows as Slenderman and Killer Jack. Like other Internet horror movies, Momo has rapidly become a video and games with her participation. Play here is offered as a standard scare, where your goal is to solve some mystery and escape from Momo, and in the game easier, such as puzzles.


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The main thing in horror games is a scary opponent. And Granny games are cool in this respect: the main villain here is a creepy old lady in a white robe and with a bloody face. In the first version of the arcade, Granny stuns you and drags you into her house. The only way to get out is to find the key to the front door, which Granny hides in one of the many rooms or in the basement.

Five game days are given for the passage – if you don’t have time, you’ll stay in the old lady’s house forever. Play quickly, but carefully, grandmother did not pay attention to your movements. If she catches you – hit with a club, and a new day begins. Most of the online games collected in the section, similar to the original. You find yourself in a closed room and as quietly as possible looking for clues and clues.

And Granny arranges a real hunt and places bear traps in the rooms. Only the houses differ: from typical apartments and country houses to the real mazes. If this kind of entertainment does not suit you, pay attention to the collection here quiet quests. In these games, you can slowly solve puzzles and puzzles without fear of attack from around the corner. The most important thing in quests is intelligence, not caution.


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Cartoons with yellow little creatures have long captured many hearts. How many different things have been created with these cuties, from groceries to paper napkins. Minions games will give you the opportunity to be a villain, and the owner, and the doctor for these cute creatures. Play minions like all children familiar with “Gadim Ya”.

It all started quite a long time ago when a villain named Gru decided to steal the moon from the sky. Gru has his own army, which he has called upon to help him. These little yellow creatures are called minions. They have a huge arsenal of weapons and various devices, which means that the villain can always stand up to anyone who gets in his way. Games in the section are found in different genres – arcade, jogging, racing and shooting, but more roamers and dress up. Games are suitable for children of all ages.

Happy Wheels

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You do not want to play dull and boring races at the Formula 1 cars or ride in cars that the average person in life will not earn? Well, Happy Wheels games are perfect for you. Play as a crazy old man with a wheelchair, a dad with a boy on a bike, and a worker on a Segway! Happy Vils is very different from the usual races. There’s a hero, there’s a vehicle, but there’s no familiar race track.

Plus your vehicle is a wheelchair. On some levels you can choose a fancy Segway with an office clerk, a bicycle with a pop and a supermarket cart. Levels in Happy Wheels can be built by the players themselves, so they are often not adapted to reality, and you can get stuck at the beginning, with no way to get out. Choose games from the top, they are of higher quality and more exciting to pass them.

Thief Bob

Sometimes you want to do some prank or mischief. Most likely, the people around you will not understand your desires and are very critical of such behavior. Well, the mischief is quite possible during the game Thief Bob, and no one is your command, because you are saving the world from corruption and bad people. Can you pass all the missions and not fail where others have long given up?

P.S. Bob is a really bad guy out there 🙂

If you’re still thinking about such kinds of games – don’t waste your time and start playing right now! Friv games are truly good to play at work, at school or at home when you’re bored. I also think that friv2 or friv5 games are going to be as popular as now for a l