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What Are The Top YouTube Hashtags in 2024?

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In the digital era where social media is so popular, people are met with the chance to make a name for themselves on the web. Anyone who is creative and somewhat talented can start making content others will watch and support no matter the topic of the matter. Perhaps the best way to do so in 2024 is YouTube, and it has been the best place to show one’s imagination for the better part of the last ten years.

As the world’s leading video sharing and video watching platform, YouTube is much more than it originally was when it first launched at the start of the 2000s. Nowadays there are billions of views taking place each day, hundreds of thousands of YouTubers with amazing videos every hour, and millions of gigabytes uploaded each hour. As a matter of fact, every minute more than 500 hours are uploaded.


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In such an online climate is often difficult to get noticed, which is why your hashtag strategy should be top notch. The hashtag culture began with the onset of social media during the 2010s, and it is not the way of putting attention to something by attaching the famous symbol to the word or phrase you want. If something has to deal with sports, you would type #sports, but you can also add #basketball to make it more specific. Then anyone exploring that same topic can have your video pop up, or better yet, use the hashtag to explore every video that contains it.

The best way to use hashtags is to promote content and get it closer to people interested in it. That is why most posts on most social media have many of them in the captions and descriptions, so as more people with different interests can spot them and have a look. In 2024, there have been many different tags used on YouTube, and we are going to explore what were some of the most popular. If you are interested in reaching more people with your social media platforms, make sure to check out famousfollower.com.

Top YouTube Hashtags in 2024

Following is a short list of top things YouTubers used last year to reach a wider audience and spread the word around. We will not include the obviously dominant one of #youtube with 55% of all hashtags, because most content creators use it and has become a practice for everyone. We will rather list the ones making up the 100%.

1. #youtuber – 9%

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Right up there with the very name of the platform is the name used for anyone who is a content creator on it. The term describes both those who make a living on YT and those who simply use it as a hobby. No matter the reason for their uploads, if you have a certain following and your videos reach a considerable public (whatever may be considered considerable, as it is highly subjective) you are a YouTuber. Even if you disagree and do not identify with it, it is simply a fact. People use this tag to reach their colleagues and those interested in the most popular YT stars who love the fact this social platform is their calling.

2. #instagam – 7%

What would a star on one platform be without a presence on another? The best way to connect your two profiles is always with links of course, but hashtags should not be overlooked either. There are many people looking for Instagram related content on YouTube, since some creators follow the news about Instagram stars and similarly important things on that platform. Then they simply add the tag and hope for the best. If you are looking to interconnect your profiles on these two leading social media services, make sure to include this tag.

3. #music – 5%

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YouTube used to be all about music well before comedy and the movie industry came in with funny content and trailers. Nowadays it is still used largely for this form of art, but there are simply too many other things for musicians and artists not to specifically dedicate a hashtag to it. Therefore, if you wish to look for the latest in music or associate your new video with this topic, make sure to look for it specifically and include it in your title or description.

4. #love – 4%

This is a universal hashtag that can be applied to numerous types of videos, from cute cats playing with each other, to a love song, or anything that has this ever-lasting theme. People adore the theme of love in all of their content, and whether it is romantic or not, love has a place in everyone’s heart. Therefore, to lift your content above others and towards the feelings of warmth and closeness, include it in your next upload.

5. #like, #follow, #tiktok, #youtubers, #spotify – 3% each

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We finish things off with five hashtags that have 3% each, and every single one has a rightful place here. Spotify and TikTok are of course some of the most popular apps in existence, so naturally people are including them in their searches. For example, you can find #music and #music together more often than not. Liking and following are two of the four actions people use online to stay in touch and show support. Apart from sharing and subscribing, these are important for creators and fans alike, since the former know what the audience thinks of their content, and the latter have the ability to either support and agree or disapprove and disagree with it. It makes sense that these are some of the most used words on YT.

Conclusion and Takeaways

As you can see, different things are used to attract the audience to one’s content and for very purposeful reasons. Hashtags are an easy and fun way to remain engaged with the things you like and they are here to stay as the best means of searching for specific content. Everyone is used to them by know and the little # symbol has enjoyed a newfound love for more than a decade now.