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How To Start A Successful YouTube Channel and Convert it Into Business 2024

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To start a successful YouTube Channel, it takes only passion and dedication. This guide will give you industry insides of how-to start a YouTube channel and monetize it successfully.

I like the statistics and I love backing up my words with some industry reliable sources. So here is the part, where I want to tell you little facts about, the industry evaluation and hopefully this will give you motivation to start a successful YouTube Channel.

Note: Remember, everyone has started from the bottom. You only need to be serious and keep focusing on improving yourself and creating better content.

In 2016 global leading industry led by PWC has concluded that $ 493 billion has gone to revenue gains. The research is based on 2000 participants in the relative industry from 26 countries.

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Step 1. Selecting a Niche to start a successful YouTube Channel

How To Find Profitable Niche For Your Online Business

I bet that you can find this part challenging and along the way to select your niche, you might experience a lot of doubts about your capabilities and whether your niche can be successful at all.

The most important thing to remember in this business is that you have to be 100% confident and persistent at all times in order to be successful. Our brains are not designed to naturally maintain the positive vision. It is up to you to control the situation and take over the emotions.

Selecting a niche for your channel is actually very simple than it sounds. Follow your heart and passion and the success will reach you shortly. Do not use any shortcuts, because they lead to guaranteed failure. I have been in the digital industry for a 1 year now. I have learned that to be successful in everything you do, you need the passion and no shortcuts or excuses are accepted along the way.

So for an example, let’s assume your passionate about construction and you are handy person. I know, my example is very odd. However, I want to prove you that you can create a niche from any passion and turn it into successful YouTube channel.

So if you are passionate about construction start producing weekly content around construction topics. If you choose to create “How to tutorials” then you would not be far from the success. Google is the main search engine for many countries. As you might know YouTube is their product and if your “How to tutorials” perform well on YouTube, I can guarantee that your content will rank on google for these particular terms you have selected. This means only one: thing traffic+ clicks = conversion (your pay day).

This might sound like too easy. Well it actually is easy. If you ask the right questions and follow your passion consistently without any doubts, then you will make it.

While you are trying to gain some ideas about your niche, it is good idea to keep researching. The research is very important to determine, who’s your target audience and also for the relative advertising and product reviews you are planning to include on your channel. So let me ask you a question. How would you know what present to buy for your parents if you do not know your parents? It will be totally irrelevant trying to promote any sort of product/services on your channel if you do not know your target audience.

The way you approach this situation is very easy. Go on YouTube and try to research the competition. You can see first what products/services are advertised on your competitor’s channel. It is very likely these products/ services to have social media channels. Find out what are these social media channels. Look for who shares, likes, and comment on the brand’s social accounts. Facebook is one very good place to start and to find out very good and useful Intel for start.

 Step 2. Create YouTube account and built your platform

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The next step is creating google account if you do not have a google account yet. Perhaps, you should go and follow how to create a Google Account.

I do recommend when creating the google account to keep it professional and coherent and easy to understand, read and remember. You will be receiving emails from your fans and also business enquirers.

Then you have to focus on the YouTube channel. After you sign up for Google. Choose YouTube channel name. You can also brain storm for a while with friends and family. You can also create a post with your ideas on Facebook and try to gain valuable marketing information.

Once you get your channel name right. You should have a name which is easy to read. It is easy to understand and also remember. You have to be creative about this. It is very important to know that your audience will see this name and they will be either attracted to it or simply just pushed away. However, your name is not the only thing people will look at, before they click on your videos. You have to consider the link structure and also the thumbnails picture.

The title is also one very important if not the most important element, when it comes to optimizing your video. Remember, the title of your videos must be related to your content. Most of the very successful videos on YouTube address some kind of common issue and the content gives the answer or the solution to a particular problem to the relevant audience.

Please do not be foolish to create a catchy title and your content to have nothing relevant with your title. YouTube does not measure your channel on clicks rate. Your channel is monitored by YouTube over the watch time. I have seen many YouTube channels trying to spam and confuse people with a misleading titles. YouTube will terminate or suspend your channel. However, if this does not happen. Eventually you will run out of ranking juice based on the reputation and watch time your content has received.

Your next task will be to go over the account settings and see, what can you change to make it look more appealing for your audience. There is an option to create custom URLs. In most cases these URLs will be taken so you need to be creative while working on that.

It is very important to connect your account with your social media. By doing so you are allowing people to find out more about your YouTube channel and engage with your audience.

Step 3. Creating your first video to start your successful YouTube channel


In order to create eye catching content, you will need some decent camera and laptop.

I think this is time, I should drag your attention to Eva. This is not sponsored article. I am mentioning Eva here because, she has the right energy and the right attitude to lead her subscribers. Eva, talks about how subscribers trust her and they know she will not let them down over some very low quality reviews.

Eva mentions, how she started from the zero. She does not use expensive equipment or set.

If you watch the video, you will understand how she uses the natural light and her own room as studio to shoot her videos. The obvious mistakes she made and learned during the process. All of the information is out there either in this article or in videos all over YouTube.

Your first video will not be perfect. However, once you collect some feedback from your videos. The next step will be to address the issue and take some actions in order to fix the problem.

This is long and endless topic. There are many more details to be discussed. However, comment below if you want to know something more or perhaps, you want me to create separate post discussing your suggestions.