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The Hazards Of Being A Desk Jockey

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You maybe have an opinion that working on PC at office is much safer then being on construction area. But in reality it’s other way around if you just stick to some of the safety measures to prevent accidents that could happen. I can’t say this about being desk jockey as people on construction site are always extra cautious because of constant danger and environment in which they work. What I want to say is that working as desk jockey is more bad for your body and health. By nature, people are not designed to sit all day, your body is going through hell if you do this and I will explain why. When you sit all day you probably eat food with having too little exercise and all this while being glued to the screen and technology. Your body sure ain’t feeling happy and it’s no surprise if you start to feel the pain.

If you are working from the desk, possibility is that you worked very hard to even get there. You finally made and now your new home is desk. 8 to 10 hours a day, five or more days a week, almost entire year. Just imagine what all of that starring at screen and sitting will do to your body, opposite from, let’s say running or cycling. Doctors have said that people can develop many issues like having a bigger risk of diabetes type 2, or computer vision syndrome. What is even more alarming to find out is that going to swim or having workout before sitting is not having a great effect at all. But it’s not just that your body will feel bad, it’s your eyes too. Symptoms can include fatigue which means irritated or dry eyes with blurred vision. Sometimes people can even experience headaches and double vision.

How to avoid problems of being a desk jockey?

In order to save your eyes you should lower the brightness of your screen on lowest, also go to eye exam. Don’t forget to blink more and take breaks, while you have pause from work do exercises for eyes. If you still want to be able to see that scoreboard on basketball match, then take rest from screen every 20 minutes. I myself have experienced computer vision syndrome and it is very unpleasant, especially when you’re used to have super clear vision. It was weird to go running and not see plates of car or signs across the street at all.

You can also experience stress because of the over stimulation of your brain. You need to have some mental relaxation. Having chronic stress can even increase the risk of heart disease, exhaustion, deprivation of sleep and depression too. What leads to all of this is your brain trying to function 24 hours, 7 days a week. Without the proper chair or good ergonomic setup you are in a risk of serious spine or back injuries. More then million people around the world are loosing jobs every year because of musculoskeletal problems, which could be avoided if you give it a proper focus. Remember that you are in control of your life and each moment you are not sitting, could as well be a moment you will longer live!