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7 Tips for Surviving London’s Nightlife – 2024 Guide

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The streets of London are always awake. London and amazing nightlife go hand in hand. The city is famous for housing some of the most exotic pubs and bars.

With so many options to choose from, one can easily spend years visiting different nightclubs and still not entirely experience the city’s nightlife.

You need not spend huge amounts of money to survive London’s nightlife. Just follow the few tips we have shared below to have a fun experience.

1. Hunt Down The Famous Pubs And Clubs

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With infinite options of clubs and pubs available, a few party spots are more famous than the others. You will come across numerous bars on the streets that surround Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square.

However, no other place can beat Soho when it comes to nightlife in London. The best part? It has an assortment of lesbian and gay bars as well. So, if you swing the other way, you need not worry about finding a companion here in London.

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When in London on a Friday evening, you cannot miss visiting Hoxton. It is certainly one of the places that offer exotic nightlife in London. You can also consider visiting Islington. It is home to numerous gastro-pubs, classy lounges that serve the best cocktails, and a few wine-bars. Also, they stay open throughout the night.

Dalston is yet another good place to enjoy London’s nightlife. You will always find this place crowded with university students. You can choose to party at any of these places as per your preferences. All these areas have a selection of eclectic pubs, dance grounds, jazzy clubs, and so much more.

2. Don’t Miss Happy Hours in Bars

You can choose to have fun at the low-cost bars. London is lined with numerous low-cost bars that offer attractive offers for various drinks during the early evening hours. They even serve their bestsellers and high-quality cocktails at unbelievable prices during these hours.

Happy hours are a great money-saving option that will help you make the most of London’s nightlife.

3. Enjoy The Most Amazing Views Of London From Sky Garden

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Sky Garden is one of the most famous tourist spots in London. Words cannot describe the evening view from this point. You can have one of the best views of London from up here.

London’s Sky Garden is situated at Fenchurch Street. The spot is just perfect for spending an exotic evening with your partner, and you will get to witness one of the most spectacular sunsets. The best part? It is free of cost. However, it allows limited entries, and therefore, you will have to make an advanced booking online.

4. Party All Night

If you are not originally from London, you have no idea how crazy the crowd here can be. It will be a wise idea to get an oyster card. You can top it up regularly. This will make your travel through the tube network easier, and you will not have to stand in the long queues during rush hours.

5. Enjoy A Cost-Effective Nightlife Experience

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There is no denying the fact that if you want to experience nightlife in London in the best way possible, you need to spend a considerable amount of money. However, you can choose to spend less and still get the most of it. You should be aware that weekends are very expensive, and on the contrary, weekdays like Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are cheaper. It is applicable even in the most luxurious areas such as Soho.

Still, if you wish to experience Soho’s nightlife during the weekend, make it a point to arrive at a pub before nine or ten p.m. It will help you avoid huge cover charges.

As stated earlier, hitting bars during the Happy Hours is a savior. Moreover, pubs offer drinks at a lower price as compared to the clubs and bars. You can also save some money by walking to the famous pubs as even taxi fares are high during the night hours.

6. Try Museum Lates

You can choose to explore the museums during the dark hours and have a great time at the museum lates. They are one of the best ways to spend a night here in London.

You can choose to enjoy museum lates in the British Museum, Science Museum, etc. These museums are famous for putting up different shows and activities during late hours.

They also organize unusual exhibitions and talk sessions with experts. If you are an art lover, you can choose to visit art museums such as Tate Modern, National Gallery, etc., during the night hours.

7. Go On A Late Night Walking Tour

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Numerous groups operating in London conduct late-night walking tours across the city’s streets and lanes. By joining these groups, you can explore the nightlife here in the best way possible.

The Tour of Jack the Ripper is one such famous tour that will cost you only £10, whereas another tour known as the Sandemans New London Tour of Grim Reaper will cost you around £14.

Both these tour groups will show you around all the city areas, even the ones where the most mysterious and unsolicited crimes in the city’s history took place. Sandemans is yet another tour group that takes tourists on gratuity-only tours of the city during the daytime.

If you are a braveheart, you can choose to set out on a night tour alone by following your GPS and exploring the spooky streets of London.

Final Words

London is very famous for its colourful and varied nightlife. The city is flooded with options for pubs, clubs, bars, etc., that are sure to cater to one of the best nightlife experiences. Follow the tips mentioned above to survive London’s nightlife easily.