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Educational Project Proposal to Improve at-Risk Students Reading Performance

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The program; Success through Reading, founded by the teachers of The Cass Technical High School, Detroit, is a legitimate program that aims at helping the at-risk students in the school improve their reading skills as well as to enable these students to upgrade their academic skills to match that of their peers. Get in touch with Dissertation Help Online

Project Objectives

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  • Providing a significant improvement in the reading speed, attention span when reading, and comprehension when reading. The objective is to ensure that the at-risk students double their speed of reading and improve their reading skills by one grade level at the completion of the school year.

Making access of the general curriculum by poor readers more efficient with the aid of assistive reading technology in scanning and reading their schoolbooks and other reading materials in the classroom. For a similar paper follow the link Buy Term Paper Online.

  • Providing the reading-disabled students with other alternatives such as multi-sensory reading equipment will enable them to improve their reading speed up to the point they can read well on their own. (Heckler, 2011).
  • Helping the reading disabled students to remain in their usual classrooms with fellow peers in order to proceed with learning in an environment that is least restrictive.

Project History

The Success through Reading program was founded in the year 2012 in the Cass Technical High School in Detroit, Michigan, by the school teachers after it was noticed that the at-risk students in the school experienced reading difficulties such as slow reading speeds, poor attention span when reading and little comprehension of the content in schoolbooks. The school teachers came up with the program to improve the reading skills of these at-risk students to levels similar to that of their peers in their respective levels.

Presently, the program has 150 at-risk students whose reading skills are being improved with the help of the schoolteachers as well as volunteered adults who are alumni of the school. The experiences that have been gathered in the past years since the program was started have enabled the teachers and volunteers to improve their skills in handling the at-risk students as they increase their reading skills.


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Although every student has the right to education, the ability of each child to earn an education has not been given enough emphasis in educational institutions. Children learn at different paces, and it is common to find students who lag behind as far as education is concerned. This is, especially, common among at-risk students who are likely to experience difficulty in their transition from students to economically self-sufficient adults. The Success through Reading program seeks to equip such at-risk students with reading skills that will play a vital role in their transition to reproductive and self-sufficient adults. (Donnelly, 2009).