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Pest Control Guide for The Newbie Homeowners – Would You Like Your Space to Be Invaded?

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Purchasing a home can be a daunting task with contracts, inspections, mortgages, and payments. There is too much to take care of and enough to remember. Amidst all this, you may overlook one of the peskiest issues that could wreak havoc to your new life as a homeowner. Pest control and prevention of pests!

First-time homeowners all over the nation have to be wary about checking their new home for possible pest issues. Whenever homes have been previously attacked by any kind of pests, the information needs to be disclosed to the buyer.

However, besides knowing the pest status of your new home, there are some other steps that you need to check on yourself. Hence, before you shift to your new house, make sure you take all the required steps to be called a successful homeowner.

Brace up your new home to keep a safe distance from pests

Why do they invade your homes? Well, they do so for water, food, and shelter and hence if you have to keep them away from your home, you should restrict their food, entry, and water. Never give them things they want and make it hard for them to enter your house.

You can’t forget that pests can enter your house through extremely tiny openings. Give a watchful look around your house before moving in. Regardless of how small these holes or gaps or cracks are, seal them.

Most openings and cracks may be handled with simple repairs. All you need to do is use spray foam, add caulk, change all the leaking pipes, install door sweeps, and put steel wool within the walls and pipes. By now, you must have understood the fact that the intention behind doing all this is to diminish the number of entry points of the pests.

Pest Control – What is it?

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The majority of the homeowners are usually acquainted with the terms ‘pests’ and ‘pest control’ but there’s more to it than just the common meaning of it. If you rent a home or own one, you need to quickly become associated with both the concept of pests and their control to save your home from a creepy-crawly invasion.

Pest control

If you seek the help of high-quality pest control management professionals like www.rovepestcontrol.com, you can ensure getting long-term solutions as against DIY pest control methods. The goal of such expert companies is to kill the already-existing ones and also bar them from entering your house in the near future. Effective pest control will include an extensive plan that is tailored to your property, region, and types of pests.

Pest extermination

As the name suggests, when you hire pest exterminators, they focus on the total elimination of pests that exist in your home. For achieving total extermination, they utilize special products to discard them from the ecosystem of your home. Nevertheless, even though the exterminator helps you clear away all pests as of now, there is a high chance of them returning again.

Recognizing the unwanted guests by newbie homeowners

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Are you a resident of the greater Phoenix or Arizona region? If yes, be ready to be subject to complicated pest scenarios in your new house due to the terrain, the hot and humid climate, and the typical styles of housing. Before you think of pest control, get familiar with the types of pests you may encounter and the potential signs that they exist in your home.

  • Bed Bugs: A musty smell, and dark rusty marks on clothes and bedsheets
  • Termites: Wood that has been carefully hollowed out, termite droppings, and mud tubes
  • Ants: Holes in the ground, trailing ants, and piles of dirt and soil which are the nests of ants
  • Roaches: Cockroaches flying around and droppings which are like coffee grounds
  • Rodents: Greasy marks on surfaces, rodent droppings, and a shredded cloth or other materials
  • Scorpions: Sudden spike in small insects or crickets which scorpions feed on
  • Spiders: Too many flying insects, egg sacs here and there, and spider webs

Keep pests at bay by not giving them free water and food

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As you’re sure that the exterior and interior portion of your house has been checked for the potential entry point of pests, you have to then consider whether or not your home is similar to a pest buffet. Now that you’re a new homeowner who is all set to enter your new home, you can try to opt for deep cleaning to get it ready for a clean entry.

For instance, if you’re tidying the appliances and faucets, watch out for standing water and leaks. In the case of cleaning gutters, check whether or not excess rainwater can flow effortlessly and can be directed away from the base of your home.

In short, when you clean the new abode before moving in, check dirt, standing water, leaks, damaged wooden parts, and wood shavings. Also don’t forget to check baseboards, gadgets, cabinets, and other areas that are included in your pest-control checklist.

DIY Pest Control – Pros and Cons

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DIY pest control is a short-term cost-effective solution for smaller projects
You get to know about the ecosystem of your home and hence be able to detect further issues. It is possible to conduct DIY solutions without hampering your schedule or having to let someone visit your house


Short-term solutions aren’t functional ones because it is only a professional who can identify the source of the problem and chalk out a solution keeping the long-term in mind
There are many DIY products that are unsafe and volatile as they may contain harmful ingredients that work effectively in removing pests but damage your health You may have to repeat DIY pest control methods time and again.

Unlike DIY methods, the majority of pest control firms offer a warranty for their service. Since you’re not a pest control expert, you may not be aware of the intricate details of the procedure

To conclude, we’ll advise you to take a careful look at the reviews of professional pest control sites, query about the qualifications of the vendors, and get a free consultation before signing on the dotted line.