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If You Want More Visitors – Use Infographics

infographics for more users

When you enter the mall or walking down the street full of shop windows, which will be the first to attract your attention? Of course, the most colorful, full of detail and colors. It’s the same on the Internet.

In a variety of offers and the various facilities that are offered, the one which will attract attention first is one that displays the content in a creative and fun way. And this is content in form of infographics.

Let’s see how it works! Why you should use infographics:

  • infographics attract the user’s attention
  • users are readily share this content
  • content that is shared is better ranked on the search engines
  • isnfographics stand out in a variety of content
  • it is a simple and interesting communication with business customers

Like what you just read? Be sure to use it on your website. There are countless ways to express your thoughts or convey some statistics and research through infographics. But it would be good to follow this simple steps:

  1. research your topic or content
  2. write a short text
  3. drafting
  4. pick a design
  5. inserting content

There are many tools on the internet that you will use when designing your first infographic. Here are some that we tryed Canva, Infogr.am, Piktochart. But if you explore, you will find the one that will best suit the needs of your type of business. Furthermore, we picked for you some great infographics elements for easier start:

Global Business Infographic Design

infographics 1

Files Include: 2 AI Files for Illustrator CS, Illustrator CS5; 2 EPS Files for Illustrator CS, Illustrator CS5; Icon Set 140 Icons. Preview and download here.


Huge – Clean & Brand Infographics

infographics 2

Clean & Brand Infographics Pack: This are fully resizable vector EPS elements for any kind of corporate business & usual infographic graphics.  500+ Elements in Total. Preview and download here.


Infographics Mag Template

infographics 3

Infographics Mag Template (vol. 1) is the most expressive and vivid set of 12 pages full of infographics: 100+ infographic elements and thousands of their combinations. Preview and download here.


Business Infographic Design Scheme

infographics 4

Preview and download here.

Outline Infographics

infographics 5

New vision of infographic design. This pack containes a lot of infographic elements to design your own infographic or brochure. You will get lots of vector shapes and 10 ready template with globe sphere, battery, pie chart, pen, hand with finger, key, tablet, chess figures, paper sheet and photo camera. It can be used for web design, workflow layout,startup and process templates, timelines and more. Preview and download here.