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How To Be A PowerPoint Power User

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Using presentation software is something most of us have at least done a couple of times – be it at school, in your job or even at home. There are many practical ways that PowerPoint can be used to our advantage however not all of us are entirely clued up on the software as we could be.

The latest infographic from MicrosoftTraining.net have taken a look at how PowerPoint can be used to its full advantage and also includes some little-known tips to get round things that may initially seem complicated.

Take, for example, the ‘slide master’ tool that not many people know about. The tool provides users with the ability to quickly create a consistent look throughout the entire presentation without having to edit slides individually one by one. This tool can also be effective in helping you customize and personalize your own templates to make your presentation stand out.

One of the biggest issues that people have when it comes to PowerPoint is avoiding the embarrassment of a failed presentation during a conference or talk. Using apps like Presentain that can use your phone as a remote to help you control, organise and even share your presentations and can also help when it comes to trying to work out how to navigate your way round a tricky computer. Using ‘presenter view’ on a second screen is also useful, as it allows you to keep on track and see which slides are upcoming giving you optimal time to prepare for your audience.

Take a look at the infographic below to become the resident expert when it comes to PowerPoint presentations.
How to be a PowerPoint Power User
How to be a PowerPoint Power User by PowerPoint courses London