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How Can E-learning Benefit your Organization

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Why businesses use e-learning?

There are five key motives why companies increasingly use online learning for the training needs of their employees:

  • Employees’ time – organizations want their managers and staff have the option of choosing time to study. They also want to extend the achievements of classroom training after the classroom sessions;
  • Speed of implementation – companies want to quickly distribute the learning process throughout the organization, particularly in times of major changes in organization or technology;
  • Distribution – the possibility of distribution of unified content, implemented on the same level, at the same time across the organization and regardless of its geographical spread – it is a big advantage of this technology;
  • Reducing logistics costs – reducing the cost of travel and accommodation of employees at the venue of the training. According to some studies (Training Magazine, 2002), total costs can be reduced by 50-70%.

The basic advantage of this type of learning is efficiency, availability and lower cost of education. Efficiency stems from two facts. First, e-learning is directed towards particular user. It allows  each student in their pace passing through the learning materials and possibility to return to the parts that are not clear to him as many times as he want. Second, e-learning allows the student chooses the time to learn which further achieves efficiency and time savings. The availability of materials is dramatically higher than in the traditional classroom. Organization of classes for more employees in some time on special location is often logistical and organizational nightmare.

The disadvantage of this method mostly stem from the fact that a number of people have lack of the motivation for learning. As with this type of learning students are not under control, it is necessary to establish a process of motivation that will ensure that the student is attending this training and to complete it within a specified period.