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The History of Graphic Design – 2024 Review


Are you looking to dive into the field of graphic design and want a little more information or you are in doubt what exactly is graphic design and how is it used? Maybe you have not yet sure what is its meaning.

Graphic design is in short “art of combining text and images in advertisements, magazines and books.”

But more than that, graphic design has a very real presence in everyone’s life and every owner of business or personal blog (Web site) should consider the usefulness of graphic design in marketing. Graphic design is basically any visual medium that aims to express communication, whether it sends a message of the upcoming party through flyers or to show the features of the latest iPhone in advertisements.

Using pictures, text and graphics, designers create a story or message that will attract potential customers. Not every graphic design meant to be beautiful, but each should cause reactions, whether positive or negative, attractive or repellent for consumers. While most people consider this activity dependent on the computer, it may not be the case. Tools that graphic designers use are almost unlimited and include brushes, pencils, pens and paper, as well as digital media.

At its most basic level, graphic design conveys the message. It is a means of communication, a unique and compelling way to reach consumers and Internet users, whether you are selling a product, announcing the event or want to attract subscribers. The below infographic that made clear the history of graphic design is inextricably linked to both culture and technological advancements. This image shows the timeline of graphic design in the various fields such as visual communications, advertising, art, print-making, which started as early as 15,000 BC, check it out: