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The Key Characteristics Of A High Quality Links

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Quality Links

If you want to succeed in online marketing you know that it’s all about having great online presence. One way that search engines are deciding where you will rank is through mentions of your page from other sites. Sometimes this can’t be enough so it’s important to learn that some of the links are far more credible then others. High quality links will have more weight in convincing search engines that your page should be priority. Even though there is no perfect formula to create ultimate links, there are some things you should consider when creating link that will improve the visibility of your website. The truth is that links are not created equal. When SEO’s and marketers are having discussions about links they could be thinking of one of these 3 types. We have internal links, outbound and inbound links.

Based on their structure, some of them are more important to your strategy of SEO and marketing. So why should you care about this and what are the differences between them? And also, how can you be sure that you’re doing the most effective approach with any of these 3 kinds of links? Well, there is the right way and less right approach for these links. If you do it the right way it will help your site to improve ranking on search engines. If you have an incorrect approach anything good you actually do will be undermined.

Outbound links

Let’s do break down of doing the linking and get you to know what are the right qualities that make powerful internal, outbound and inbound links. First on the list is outbound link. It is basically link to another site from your page. So how does an outbound link looks like, but a quality one? This link is sending visitors away from your page. Not everybody agrees on having these kind of links as they feel outbound links can risk them losing both money and time from page visitors. When you create outbound link you got to give credit to other people and drive traffic in their direction, but not of the cost of your time on page. Make those links opened in another windows of browser, as this will also make it less likely that visitor will close your page and visit just the one you linked for.

Inbound links

Let’s move to the next one which is also called the ” Holy Grail ” of links. It’s an inbound link, which is link from other webpages coming to your. Of all 3 types, inbound links are most important to site crawlers. But they also prove that your page has an authority on specific subject. The more you have them, the higher quality of your site is. This will also rise your website in the search engine page results. Inbound links should land visitors anywhere on page but not on homepage, because that’s probably the most less effective page to send someone.

Internal links

The last one, is internal link. These kind of links are very important for your SEO, because in a way they help you to build that authority on site just as inbound links, except one difference – internal links are fully at your control. If you want to get the most out of internal link select one best page from your website that you want to rank up and always link to it with your internal links. If you start to link on different pages you are splitting authority among few pages and not just one, this means your link is only half useful.