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Google SEO Ranking Factors For 2016

Search Engine Ranking Factors

seo ranking factors

The algorithms of Google had gone through many changes since debut of engine back in 1998. But still, main factors that made Google large, are still the same as they were then. Original content, links and meta page titles.

Google algorithms are, you could say revolutionary in the world of search engines. The only way you could get to the top of search results of Google is having website that earned credibility in the eyes of other people and that was the real genius of Google. Even though links still remain as most important factor for raking in 2016, there are many factors that make slice of algorithm. I would like to break down most of the important ones, that you could also use in 2016 to rank your webpage in Google. First of the factors is title’s main keyword. Title is pain part of article, so it’s really important for SEO. First thing that Google watches is the title tag. So be wise when choosing main keyword so it looks accurate and perfect for search engines. Focus on keyword in domain name too. This will help crawlers of search engines to find pages that are relevant on same website more easily. The age of your domain is important, there’s a saying in SEO that aged domains are queens. So the older it is – the better. Domains that are older than 5 years have a better chances to rank higher.

google ranking factors

And now, the real magic comes. It is the length of your content. An article that has 2500 words is 6 times better then the one with 500 words. Keep the density of keywords as low as possible through the entire article. Maximum limit is 3%, but you can choose keywords more wisely and have 1% or 2%. Update content regularly. The days when you used just one part of content for longer periods of time are gone. We are now in Dynamic era. This means updating content regularly, or every time there’s something new. Keep in a habit to track the latest trends and change content according to it.

Years ago, content was ranked in Google only based on text that was written, but now, it’s important to add media to your posts to be consistent in search engines. Balance between media and content, don’t use too much of a videos or images. If the webpage you created is not loading in about 2 seconds, it’s a bit risky. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices. Search engines will sure love this. Avoid to create content that is duplicated. Everything you create should be 100% unique, if you do this you will be the boss. There is no excuse for search engines when you make duplicated content. SEO is now more powerful then ever.