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Global Business Mobility Visa: Eligibility Criteria And Application Process


If you are running an overseas business and looking to expand to European countries, this is your chance and hint to do it. There is an opportunity for your business to begin with your UK-based business operations for five particular categories of businesses. However, you should know the criteria and the financial criteria and other requirements behind the same.

There are certain rules, and you should follow them. The UK global business mobility visa rules can appear complex, but you can secure yourself from making any mistake by getting professional advice. These reliable, professional business routes help you form a valuable part of the global mobility programme and opt for critical-talent mobility to enhance your business operations.

Types Of Businesses And Their Criteria


This kind of visa is a combined category with five sponsored work routes for businesses that wish to begin their UK-based operations. The aim of offering this visa is to open doors for non-UK organizations that can help temporarily deploy certain skilled personnel to the country.

The five sponsored work routes are discussed in detail as follows:

●  Senior Or Specialist Worker Route

As the name suggests, it is the one for specialist workers or senior-category professionals assigned to perform their functions in a UK business. Such a business can be linked to the employer working overseas and willing to take a temporary assignment in this country. Formerly, this route was available as an Intra-company transfer route.

The applicant’s eligibility for this visa is as follows:

  • The person should have worked for the sponsor group outside the country for at least 12 months.
  • They possess a valid sponsorship certificate for the proposed designation and job. The employer authorized by the UK home office should issue such a sponsorship for the same. Also, the applicant has to pay the required immigration skills charge in full.
  • The applicant should have sponsorship for an eligible job, either the base or above the minimum skill level. The person should have an annual salary of 42,400 pounds up to 11th April 2024. The same will increase to 45,800 pounds from 12th April 2024 onwards. The higher going rate has to be seen.

The success of such an application ensures that the applicant gets a 5-year time to stay, which begins after the date when the job begins, which is set out in the Certificate of Sponsorship. The five years period is valid two weeks after such a job has ended. There is another way of calculating the same that you can get clarity upon.

●  Graduate Trainee Route

The next one is also an opportunity for the senior management or specialist positions whose eligibility is as follows:

  • They should be working for the sponsor group while filing for the application and should have worked outside the country for the same group for a minimum of 3 years.
  • They should possess a valid certificate of sponsorship that has to be issued by the employer, who the UK home office should further authorize for rendering such a sponsorship.
  • The going rate shall be seen, with a salary of 23,100 pounds per year till 11th April 2024. The increased amount stands at 24,220 from 12th April 2024.

The stay period of this sponsorship is 12 months which begins after the beginning of the job set out in the sponsorship certificate or two weeks after the end date of such a job.

●  UK Expansion Worker Route


It replaces the representative of an overseas business route and can be applied only if the business in the country has not started the trading process. An established business presence in the UK is not eligible for this visa category.

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • The applicant should be dispensing its functions to the sponsor group and should have done it for one year in business operations outside the UK.
  • The valid sponsorship certificate for the job where they are currently dispensing the duties will be issued by an authorized employer.
  • The minimum skill level with a salary bracket acceptable till 11th April 2024 is 42,400 pounds, followed by 45,800 pounds from 12th April 2024.

●  Service Supplier Route

The next is an opportunity for the contractual service suppliers that are either employed by the overseas service providers or belong to the category of self-employed independent professionals based overseas. Their cumulative period is 12 months, and the same rules apply for the sponsorship certificate. The additional requirements are to have a university degree or an equivalent one for technical quality and experience. Also, they should meet the nationality requirements.

● Secondment Worker Route

It extends the temporary assignment requirements in the UK, and the same eligibility criteria are available to them for 12 months. They should have sponsorship for an eligible job at or above the minimum skill level.

Extension Criteria

The maximum time length is permitted in each route, and you have the right to extension based on the same. However, you should note that none of these visas will help you opt for a permanent settlement option anywhere across the UK.

Who Can Travel On This Visa

The applicants under any of these five routes can be joined by their family, that is, by their partner and children. However, they have to satisfy their eligibility requirements, including financial requirements, followed by the relationship’s legitimacy. If there is a child applicant, they must satisfy the age requirements and care needs.

Application Process And Other Details

You can begin with the application process three months before the day when you are due to begin working in the country. You will find the due date on the sponsorship certificate. The application process requires you to furnish identity and other documentary proofs. Sometimes, you need to get extra time if you think that is needed.



If you plan to move to the UK and start your business, you have to gain permission from the Home Office, which will glance at the UK immigration rules. Hence, strict eligibility requirements should be met at all costs.

But, the process is not as simple as it seems. Hence, you should contact an experienced professional who can help you sail through the process quickly and qualitatively.