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3 Hassle-Free Ideas To Freshen Up Your Bedroom


It doesn’t matter how much we love our bedrooms, at some point, every one of us has looked around and realised that it is just not it. Have you ever found your room boring but ignored it because of the trouble you have to go through when you redecorate? If so, we are here to help you spice up your room without a lot of effort and time. Here are three effective ways to freshen up your bedroom.

Wallpapers for personalising


Wallpapers are the cheapest and easiest way to personalise the theme of your room. Painting is a lot of hassle and consumes a lot of time, but there is a wide selection of wallpapers that are cheaper, easier and better than paint. The collection is wide enough for anyone to fall in love with at least one instantly. There are a lot of colours, textures and patterns. But if you want to go with wallpapers, there are a few things you need to consider first. You certainly don’t want to browse through hundreds of options, pick out the perfect one and find out your walls are not suitable for it. Consider the atmosphere of the area you are applying the wallpaper. If you want to freshen up the wall but don’t want to make it too distracting or keep it neutral, grey wallpapers are a great choice.

New bed linens and curtains


For most of the bedrooms, the bed is the statement furniture and the centre of attention. Freshening up your bed covers is the easiest and effortless way to give your bedroom a new look. Besides, new or fresh bedding can help you have a sound eight hours of sleep. Changing bedding according to the season is another convenient way to make your room less boring. Little adjustments like throwing blankets on your bed in the winter or light, brightly-coloured pillows and cushions in the summer change the whole vibe of a room. Installing curtains is also an effective way to transform the look of any room. You can choose bold colours and textures if you want the curtains to stand out. If not, go with simple textures and colours that are the same shade as your wall.

Get some lighting


If chosen and placed carefully, lights can be a really interesting element to play around with in room decoration. Mood lighting can add depth to a room by making it look bigger, as well as cosy in the cold winter months. Lights therefore have the ability to change the whole look of a room. Feature lights, uplights, downlights, floodlights, ceiling lights – they all add different value to a room and make it look more artistic. Lights make the colours pop up. Adding lights to any darker corner can make the room bigger. Also, it does not always have to be electric or LED lights. It is also possible to play with natural light or sunlight to make a room more eye-catching. Add a few mirrors here and there. This reflects sunlight and makes your room seem bigger and brighter in a natural way.