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How to Find a Place to Stay in Paris for a Weekend or a Holiday?

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Is there a more romantic and more culturally, religiously and historically rounded and rich city anywhere in the world? If we might answer, we would say no! Paris takes credit for all of that.

City of love and city of lights is the capital of France and without any doubt one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. What most of us like about Paris is its illustrious history, incredible culture as well as stunning architecture. This city offers even more but we will get into that a bit later on.

Paris was an inspiration for a lot of books, stories, movies, and it was surely a starting point for many loves. It is divided into two main sides – Rive Gauche and Rive Droite which is essentially the left and right side of the river bank. As you already know the river that flows through Paris is the Seine and it is what is dividing these two sides of this city.

Besides that, Paris is also divided into sort of districts, if you like, that is going in a circular pattern from city core outwards to outskirts. It has 20 districts and today, with the help of en.parisinfo.com, we will tell you which ones are the best for your stay, whether it is a holiday trip or a weekend excursion to change things up a bit.

So, when you are talking about a trip to Paris you have to think about accommodations. Whatever the time you are going to spend there and whatever the reasons for the trip to Paris, you need to have a place that will suit your needs and meet certain requirements. Since this is Paris we are talking about you will need top-notch accommodations that can be browsed at magicstay.com. Check them out you will surely be satisfied.

Now when you are looking for a place to stay in a city like Paris you first need to ask yourself what you want to see there. The answer to that question will give you a general location of where you need to be to have the best and quickest access to everything you wanted.

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Since Paris is huge and it has a lot to offer several places interest around 90% of tourists. Montmartre for instance is one of the most romantic destinations in the city. Since it is tied to romance, love, and lights, without any doubt you could decide to stay in the Montmartre district.

As soon as you get there you will see what we are talking about and why it is called the romance district. The district boasts colorful buildings, cobblestone streets which are quite remarkable. It is also a historic destination that you will enjoy with someone or alone. Walking around this district will surely bring you to the most famous destination here – the Moulin Rouge.

The next district that will surely give you excitement and something to see is Belleville. It is one of those districts that offer insights into what it was before and what and where it strives to go. It is a small district that grows larger and the fun fact is that it starts with small streets and narrow passageways, because it was once outside the skirts of the town and was not included in that big city commotion that you see daily.

Champs-Elysees is the most famous street in Paris and it is also the name of the district. This street stretches on incredible 1.2 miles and it is full of history and monuments. This street will offer you the commotion of a big city, the rush, the adrenaline but you will also be able to enjoy a lot of cafes and some good old quality shopping. This is the place where everyone will be and where you need to be if you like that sort of thing.

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The opposite of all the commotion and drama is a place that will make you feel like you belong there like you are a local. Well, to be perfectly honest you will feel local as much as you can without actually picking up your things and moving there for good. The place we are talking about is the neighbourhood of Canal Saint-Martin. Movie buffs will love this place because the film Amelie was made here and the Hotel du North is located. This hotel was the inspiration behind the 1938 drama film that carries the same name.

Now in most guides, there is a certain district that ranks higher up the latter of the places you want to see, or in this case, temporarily located. There is a reason for that, and we must not exclude it from this list as well. The Quartier Latin, or simply Latin district or quarter, whatever you like, is one of the best places to stay, especially if you are a first time visitor to Paris. It is filled with history and architecture and the reason behind that is this was the first area which ancient Romans first settled in. now can you imagine the story and the vibe you get from this place.

Faubourg Saint-Germain is the only district that is familiar to everyone but not for its name but for what it hosts there. This is the 7th district of Paris and it is home to an architectural wonder that we all know as The Eiffel Tower. This is the place where most tourists stay in because it offers that all-important feeling and vibe that all tourists like. Here you will be treated with places that will take your breath away as well as a few places that boast exquisite culinary arts and skills.

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To all that love visiting places like Paris, the place where you are going to be settled in doesn’t need to be a deciding factor. Most tourists that are eager to get to know the town, the stories, the history and everything else tied to it will probably settle anywhere to use that accommodation just to sleep and prepare for the next day of sightseeing.

But those that value a place where they are staying and the accommodation they are staying in, we made this listed where we combined useful and comfortable together to help you utilize your vacation or a weekend to the fullest. Happy travels and enjoy!