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Family and Teen’s Cyber Security

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Internet can serve to children and teens as an excellent means of communicating and learning if it’s used wisely. Therefore, it is advisable to talk to your child about the Internet and determine the rules of its use. Computers with Internet access should always be kept in a visible place. A children should be able to develop by themselves that its use requires caution. The interest of parents and their involvement in the child’s activities using the internet is the most effective method of protection and good cyber security.

Children are connecting to the Internet using a personal computer, a mobile phone and game consoles at home, at school, at friends’ homes and internet cafes. They use the internet to solve their homework, play a variety of games, write blogs, send instant messages and e-mail. Internet provides children to socialize, creativity and fun, but while it is important to note its orientation and wise use. Smart use of the Internet means making smart decisions and avoiding dangerous situations. You need to accept the new modern technologies and the benefits they bring to your child. Learn together with your child and be familiar with the way in which the Internet is used.

There are various ways by which you can purify the Internet content that your child can use and thus protect children from undesirable content and inappropriate for their age. Internet and provide lots of opportunities for your child but also requires a parental control. The following infographic breaks down what parents and kids need to know about cyber security. It gives details on what types of threats to lookout for, stats and figures that you may find surprising, as well as some helpful advice on how to keep your family protected.

Family and Teens Cyber Security Infographic