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4 Facts About Fiberglass Pools You Should Know in 2024

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Every year, this type of pool becomes an increasingly popular choice for many. Ever since such pools first appeared on the market, until today they represent the main alternative to the traditional type. So when you want to find something most similar to concrete pools, then opt for just one model like this.

People generally do not have enough time, money, or some other resources that are needed for installing traditional concrete pools. That is why they are often looking for its alternatives. People cite this model as its best replacement because it installs very quickly, and its maintenance is just as simple.

If you are interested in this model and are thinking of installing it in your yard, then you will surely be interested in some of the most popular facts about this model. You can read more about it below.

What is it?

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These are also called one-part pools. This is because they are made as molds and are delivered in that form to specific addresses. If you thought that these ones were made exclusively of fiberglass – they are not. It also contains some other materials that give it extra strength and power. Then they all merge together into one and create one protective layer of fiberglass.

You can find them on the market in various shapes, from classic to combined molds.

How much does it cost?

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Their price ranges from a few thousand dollars to several tens of thousands of dollars. However, their final price depends on several factors. These are mainly the two main ones, and it is about the pool shell and the installation.

The price depends on its size, so you can find this model at different prices, some can even reach the figure of 50,000. Apart from the size, the price will also depend on other characteristics such as quality, parts of the interior, etc. Of course, the installation methods are also taken into account. So when you add it all up the price varies as we said before.

1. They are very long-lasting

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These pools are made to last for a very long time. They started to be produced during the ’60s, and some of them are still in use. This certainly confirms their durability. As far as that goes, they still can’t last that long on their own. Like any other type of pool, this one requires proper and regular maintenance. When you do it right, you can get a pool that will last up to 30 years.

In addition to classic maintenance, this type also needs to be painted every 10 years or a little more. It is a gel-textured coating that you can find in stores that sell pool equipment. This coating is specially designed for fiberglass. The price of the coating is incredibly cheap, as well as the overall maintenance when compared to other types. That brings us to the next…

2. They are the cheapest to maintain

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As we said, these ones require the least effort, time, but also money when it comes to their maintenance. This leads us to the fact that this is a very good investment because the entire maintenance requires minimal money. On the other hand, traditional pool models made of concrete or vinyl require far more resources.

Want to know what the secret is? It is a gel coating. Thanks to this waterproof structure that you apply to the surface of it after a good cleaning, you get an impenetrable protective layer. In addition, its texture is not visible and so it has a very discreet look after coating. Although not visible, it is very effective when it comes to protection against water or chemicals. This is not the case with other ones.

It also serves as a protective layer when it comes to algae and micro residues. This frees you from all the extra things like long-term scrubbing and adding large amounts of chemicals, as you have to do with other pools.

3. You arrive already fully made

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What first comes to mind when you think of installing it? Most people first think of works that take a long time. Well, they are not far from the truth. Concrete pools require a lot of time and effort. It would be great if you could just wish for a pool and it was created in your backyard and to be a real one, not inflatable for kids.

This is almost possible with a fiberglass pool, but you can’t just imagine, you have to order first. However, it is about the same. Before they reach you, they are produced in factories in a finished form – a mold. Produced in this way, they reach you directly. They just need to be installed in your yard and the job is done.

This is exactly one of the reasons why they are so popular – speed, efficiency and a large number of options when it comes to shapes. Since they arrive ready-made, the installation process is much simpler and faster. Visit here for more info.

4. They do not require much use of chemicals for maintenance

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Although they are not that cheap when they are bought, you will hardly notice their maintenance when it comes to the financial part. In the previous part of the text, we explained to you why this is so. As a reason for that, we have stated the funds needed for its maintenance. For more information you can check at discountpoolsupply.com.

However, what we did not mention to you is that the construction of the walls of these pools actually contributes to lower consumption of chemicals and better water circulation. This is due to the quality material such as fiberglass. Thanks to its solid structure, the walls cannot easily collapse due to the large amount of chemicals that eat the walls in other ones.


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We hope you have been able to find answers to most of your questions here. With this text, we have tried to answer some of the most common questions that people ask about this. However, if you are still interested in whether the fiberglass pool is a good investment, our answer is – yes!