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9 Essential Kitchen Appliances That Will Make Your Life Easier

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You will often listen to your older relatives saying they only needed a few pots, a mixer, and a good stove and oven to be good cookers. And their food is always made the simplest way possible, and the most delicious of all. But, that’s not a reason to avoid using modern appliances nowadays, especially when they can save you a lot of time and make your whole life much easier for you.

And of course, cooking will be a huge pleasure for you. You may never accomplish the taste of your grandma’s specialties, but you can always give a personal touch to your cuisine, without comparing it to anyone else. If you think it’s time to enhance the whole experience and prepare delicious meals faster than ever, you can simply visit mykitchenadvisor.com to see what do you need for this new chapter in your life.

We understand that you don’t have so much time to wake up in the morning and cook all those meals your grandma was preparing for you. But now you live in modern times, with all the technologies available, and also exceptional kitchen appliances to help you with it. So, let’s see what do you need in the first place:

1. Chopper and food processor in one gadget

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Manual choppers can ease your life, but you can also choose electrical ones to make things even faster. But, when combined in one device, the chopper, and processor, you will spend less money, save space in the kitchen, and get the very efficient appliance to help you with fine chopping, or even processing different types of ingredients.

Depending on the model, you can even grind, knead, slice, and shred the food. It can replace a lot of other separate gadgets if you choose it smartly. Even if it seems expensive, it’s better to invest in one quality device, than to pile them up in the kitchen.

2. A combined blender with a juicer

Another combination that is crucial for every kitchen. If you prefer to start your mornings with a glass of fresh juice or a smoothie, you don’t need to squeeze the fruits for hours to get that juice. With the right blender, you can use the juicing option to get your precious liquids in the morning. Also, it’s great when you prepare creamy soups, pasta sauces, or combine ingredients to marinate the fish or meat. Yes, it’s that easy, and you will save a lot of time every day using this device.

3. Bread maker

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We can understand why you don’t trust the store-bought bread, and we support you in your intention to prepare it on your own. Also, we know that there is nothing better than a freshly baked loaf of bread, just like in your grandma’s kitchen. But, we are sure you don’t have the same time as her to wait for the dough and to knead it all over again.

And with this appliance you only need to put the ingredients in the container, follow the instructions, and you will have the perfect dough. Some machines come with an option to bake it too, or you can simply move the dough in the baking tray, and enjoy the perfect and crunchy taste of your freshly prepared bread.

4. Hand mixer and blender

Hand appliances are lightweight and easy to use. Hand mixers are an exceptional choice for those who want to have control over the texture of the cream or cake, to make crepes, pancakes, doughnuts, whipped cream, eggs foam, and so on. The hand blender part is also useful to mix all the things together, without taking care of lumps or chunks in the texture, much faster than whisking up using a fork or spoon.

5. Milk frother

There’s nothing quite like a freshly made latte, and who can forget the delicious feeling of frothed milk swirling around in your cup? If you’re looking for an easy way to make your own lattes at home, a milk frother is definitely the tool for the job.

There are several different types available on the market today, including handheld models and stand-alone machines. If you’re looking for a handheld model, check here. Be sure to consider one with a rubber grip so you can easily manage it while it’s in use. Many models also have a plunger-type mechanism that helps to create thick foam; just be sure to keep the foam level consistent throughout the entire cycle by using gentle pressure from time to time.

If you’re looking for a stand-alone machine, be sure to consider one with multiple settings so you can customize your latte exactly how you want it. Some models also come equipped with built-in timers so you can ensure that your drink is ready when you are. No matter which type of milk frother you choose, making your own lattes at home is definitely easier than ever before!

6. Rice cooker

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For those who enjoy eating rice, there is nothing worse than cooking it in a pan or pot and checking it all over again, just to end up being too dry or too mushy. But, the rice cookers are really worth the hype, because it’s made simply to do that. If you dose the rice and water properly, you will always have a perfectly cooked risotto, and additionally, you can add spices or veggies to improve the taste, if you want.

7. Grilled sandwiches maker

It looks like a toaster, but it’s quite different since there aren’t those recognizable patterns. Using square slices of bread, filled up with all the toppings you prefer, you will have warm sandwiches every day, and you can get really creative when combining the fillings.

8. Slow cooker

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If you have to cook something for hours, and you are afraid you will forget to turn the oven off, then slow cookers will be life-savers for you. You can throw the ingredients inside the pot in the evening, set the cooking time, and leave it overnight. Just in the morning, you will have amazingly done food. It’s great for one-pot meals, and you don’t need to wait for different stages of cooking to add different ingredients.

9. Air fryer

If you want fried food, but you shouldn’t use a lot of oil, or you simply hate that smell, you can always use your air fryer for that purpose. You can use it for veggies, meat pieces, smaller fish, breaded food, and other types of meals you were avoiding because of the oil quantities you needed to use to fry them.

And the best thing is that the food is equally delicious. Now you have a list of a few appliances you can really consider investing in since they will save a lot of time while preparing your favorite meals. Surely, there are many more you can buy, and once you visit the store, you will be confused just to see how many things are available.

But it’s also important not to buy everything that seems interesting, knowing that you won’t ever use it in your life. Find the right balance, and invest in the kitchen appliances you really need. That will save you money too, together with the precious time for cooking.