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5 Important eCommerce Packaging Rules Your Business Needs to Follow

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In recent years, all of humanity has surrendered to the digital and modern way of functioning. This is primarily due to the fast lifestyle that each of us is accustomed to, but also because this way of functioning offers faster arrival to the end goal no matter what.

Everyone started to adjust to that slowly, and the buyers and sellers of products started to adjust the most. The coronavirus has best shown us that things can sometimes get out of control unplanned and that a situation may arise in which we will need to operate remotely or from home. Digital technologies are suitable for that, and e-commerce companies have seen it best.

The pandemic has shown us all that at some point we may be in a situation where we need to order online instead of going to the store and buying the product we need. So shoppers are slowly giving up the habit of going to the store and buying what they want, and companies are turning to online offering and selling products. So these two categories found themselves halfway and started collaborating. The sellers started to create appropriate and practical concepts of offering and selling the products, and the buyers accepted these concepts and joined them because they are practical and fast.

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But in addition to the need to do this, it is also necessary to adjust the way the products that will be shipped are packaged. Let’s see first how important the packaging of the ordered e-commerce products is, and then let’s see what every e-commerce company should pay attention to when choosing the appropriate packaging for product delivery.
What is the importance of proper packaging when it comes to online sales and delivery of products ordered online?

As we have already said, all mankind has learned to function under the new conditions set by the pandemic. Even sellers who are accustomed to arranging their stores in an interesting and attractive way to attract as many customers as possible are accustomed to that. But now they needed to switch online, and some of them were already doing so in parallel – online and physically. By switching the process online, it was necessary to properly edit the sites, but also to offer appropriate packaging for product delivery, which is very important. It is important because with its help it is necessary to protect the product, to store it properly and to deliver it properly. If there is no proper packaging, the product can be destroyed, which will cause disappointment to the buyer, but it can also be an additional cost for the seller. So let’s see what are the rules that e-commerce companies should follow in order to package the products that should be delivered to customers.

1. You need to offer proper protection for the product – when ordering a product every customer wants to get it properly packaged and stored. The appearance and design of the packaging is not as important as the fact that it contains a correct and preserved product that will look as it was presented on the site. It is therefore necessary to give proper protection to the products before sending them to the buyers. For that purpose it is necessary to ask for a package offer from one of the sellers of e-commerce packages, and you can see some of them if you click here. Take a good look at what they offer and accordingly choose the appropriate packaging with appropriate protection for the product you are sending.

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2. The product needs to arrive in the right condition – no buyer would want to get what they ordered in bad condition. Therefore, care should be taken. In the case of electronics, it is necessary to provide soft protection and impermeable protection, then if it is a fragile product, it should be wrapped well so that it does not crack or break. Therefore, it is good to consider what types of packaging exist and to choose what is best for the product that the e-commerce company should deliver to its customer.

3. It is necessary to have transport and protective packaging to prevent destruction during transport – if you send a product in soft packaging that has adequate soft protection inside, you need to further protect that product. How? So you choose a suitable cardboard box that you will fill with soft filling such as polished styrofoam, sponge, or very cut paper. This will not allow the product to move much during transport, but it will not allow destruction to occur because you give double protection to what you send to your customer.

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4. Do your best to provide soft and hard packaging at the same time – as we said above it is better to provide double protection. Therefore it is necessary to choose a combination of soft and hard packaging. It is best to opt for bags that have air bubbles inside or a certain charge that will keep the product static and provide protection, and in addition you can opt for a package with appropriate filling inside which additionally will not allow the product to move during transport. Additionally, you can wrap the package with foil that will not allow water or other liquids to leak inside.

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5. Depending on how the ordered product will be transported, it is necessary to plan the packaging in which the product will be delivered – it is important to know that each type of preparation of the product for transport should be done in accordance with the way the product will be delivered. is transported. So you need to see if there will be too much movement during transport, temperature changes, etc. and accordingly choose how you will prepare the product for transport.

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With these 5 guidelines that we have given you, we have tried to give you an introduction on how to best prepare the ordered product for travel. E-commerce companies have an increased workload, increased number of orders and in order to increase the satisfaction of their customers and reduce the dissatisfaction, it is necessary to follow our tips, ie guidelines and rules that will help them in their work.