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Drugs are Not The Answer, They Make You Forget The Answer

Drug addiction has plagued our society. Drug addicts are far from being lawful citizens and they often break the laws in various ways especially when they are under the influence because they are not even consciously aware of what they are doing at that time. Some of them might get arrested and serve a light sentence but as soon as they are released, they return to the same old habits.

Even getting arrested does not impose progress in their lives. However, this situation can be rectified if they decide to really get better and lead a healthier life because the solution is not putting them in jail, rather the solution is that they should be admitted to a rehabilitation facility. Rehab centers have a holistic approach to teach their patients because they know that everyone is suffering in a different way and must be treated accordingly, hence they have multiple therapy programs.

The type of treatment program and its duration depends on factors such as length of addiction period, types of drugs that were taken, amount of the drugs, medium of drugs, whether it was swallowing, injection, or smoking, medical history of the patient, and genetic history, etc. For more info click here https://www.theprocessrecoverycenter.com/

Types and effects of holistic healing therapy methods

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EDMR)

As problematic memories are often the reason due to which an addict in recovery may face problems, it is important to deal with them accordingly. However, in this method, the memories are not supposed to be talked about in detail, rather it works on processing any problematic memories in the patient’s brain.

Ear acupuncture and acupressure

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Acupressure and acupuncture are almost the same techniques in which the difference is that there are needles used in acupuncture. These techniques originated in China in ancient times. Being superstitious, those people believed that there is an invisible flow of energy in a human body that is connecting various body parts with each other.

These points are known as acupoints, and the Chinese would apply a certain amount of pressure on them to relieve the people from their ailments. In acupuncture, a needle is inserted into the patient’s body where a specific acupoint is supposed to be.

It is also believed to relieve people from negative energy and stress. Moreover, in rehab centers, ear acupuncture is used because of the clinical proof that it reduces the cravings of a drug addict. It also provides a sense of calm and relief to the patient.


The reiki technique means healing through energy. It is somewhat similar in its belief in acupressure, however, its origin is Japanese. These people believed that if a person gets injured physically or goes through psychological trauma, it interferes with the energy flowing through the body resulting in the stagnation of energy at the point of injury until it is healed completely.

Reiki practitioners heal their patients by putting their hand over the place of injury and a kind of invisible “universal energy” is supposed to pass through their hands into the patient’s body and heal his injury after which the energy will start flowing again smoothly and the patient will heal.


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Barre workout techniques are inspired by the ballet dancing techniques and it involves some low-impact exercises such as Pilates, yoga and strength training, etc. Since it is a physical workout, the patient’s body flexibility, strength, and stability are ultimately increased, making him physically fitter. Barre workouts are carried out in groups alongside other people.


Medication is almost always needed to help patients get through their treatment programs, whether it is for drug rehabilitation or any other illness. So, medications are constantly given or prescribed to the patient by his doctors. After detoxification, when the patient goes through a withdrawal, he needs medications and they are given to him by the caretakers. This process is the same with Confidant Health.

Then as his treatment goes on, his recovery progress is constantly checked by his doctors and they may change or reduce his medications depending upon the progress. These medications may include antidepressants, clonidine, metoclopramide, quinine sulfate, ibuprofen, and diazepam among others.


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Yoga therapy can be used for the treatment of various ailments such as anxiety, depression, mood swings, and stress. It employs breathing techniques, low-impact exercises, yoga postures, and guided imagery that improve the stability and flexibility of the patient’s body. Yoga is basically a kind of self-care strategy that is used for treating some mental and physical ailments.

Yoga can be done both individually and in groups. It helps in reducing stress, improving eating and sleeping habits, and lessen anxiety. According to Indians, the spiritual and physical aspects of the human body can be connected through yoga therapy. Yoga therapy has proved its effectivity and that is the reason for its popularity in western culture.


Meditation is used to remove any external stimuli from a person’s conscious mind that may be harming him in any way. When that negative stimulus is eliminated, the person automatically starts to feel more relaxed and fresh and becomes free of his anxiety and stress. Then he starts to focus on his inner self and learns to promote a positive self-image.

These aspects add to his positive mood and also improve his routines, especially if he had erratic sleeping or eating habits in the past. Meditation may also include praying and spirituality gives the person a new light in which he can see his life. Moreover, a proper balance is created in his life when he learns to keep his inner self and instinctive thoughts organized.

Personal training

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Personal training is included as a therapy method because its sole purpose is not to have a body builder’s body, rather it does much more than that. Before starting physical training, a patient’s trainer takes into account his body, weight, and mass as well as his health condition to avoid any mishaps later on. After the examination, a balanced diet and a fitness plan are created for the patient with utmost precision and care.

These exercises are important because the drugs ruin the health of the patients terribly and with the help of these, they can regain their body strength, flexibility, balance energy. Ultimately, his body becomes strong enough that it can fight against any potential diseases that may have proven severe or deadly in his previous condition.