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Do You Have What It Takes To Become Secret Agent

Secret Agent

Secret Agent

Secret spies or agents are practically all around us. They work for corporations, private organizations and governments to bring information to clients. Who didn’t just for once dreamed of becoming secret agent? Travelling around the world, having great adventures in company of hot girls, and at the same time knowing that you are helping someone. It all sounds very cool but in reality it’s not what you see in Hollywood movies. If you want to be secret agent and you think you have required skills, you can apply for a job but first you have to know in what kind of world you’re entering in and what is going to be expected from you.

First of all, you have to be charismatic. When you watch James Bond movies, he has so much charisma. You have to adapt to any kind of situation and charm strangers or enemies to manipulate them to do anything you wish. You can work this by talking with complete strangers on street. Try to visit places that you feel you’re not maybe welcome and try to fit in those environment. Pretending to be someone you are not. Good secret agents are able to do this.

Secret Agent

You got to study both low and high cultures of living. What if you are in some smuggling operations, maybe you will have to speak other language. Or maybe sneaking inside old pubs and being totally cool next to people who drink too much. Try to tell lies but be convincing. What if you are operating mission where you have to obtain secret files from some building of factory and you get caught by guards in the middle of night. You will have to think of good excuse and tell a lie, what you speak must sound like believable story. Learning how to detect lies and liars, could also make you a better liar. Focus on someones body language, liars will usually avoid eye contact, they will also start sentences again and repeat questions in order to have time to think of a new answer.

You have to train to be fit and stay athletic and in shape. You will maybe hang on a gear of helicopter, jump over fences with wires, run away from dangerous dogs or have to sneak somewhere. If you noticed, most of the agents are not resembling body builders, so cardio is much more important than building your muscles. Try to go to some yoga classes too. If something goes wrong you will probably have to fight. Good agents know how to fight. You surely don’t want to allow others to capture you and question about your mission. But you don’t have to worry about this if you can defend yourself.

Shaun secret agent

Learn to speak several languages, because your missions will include travelling across many countries. Most secret agents know Arabic, Russian, Pashto, Farsi and Mandarin language. You have to get a good education, as secret agents don’t just go out straight from high school and get picked for agent job. I you have some felony arrests or bad behavior with police forget about being agent. You need to submit yourself to full background checking. When you are on a mission you got to know your target. Keep enemies close to you because for most period you are not spying through binoculars but working with them face to face.

There’s no good secret agent without his tech devices. Surveillance and spying gadgets are fundamental to your job, and you will probably use high end technology for ears and eyes. You can’t do anything illegal or you will have some problems with police department. Don’t think you are in movie as real secret agents are loosing their lives every day! Control your ego, emotions and train awareness. Of course, I can’t finish this article without mentioning 2 of most famous agents. One is on the movie screen and other is from video games. Yes you’ve guessed it, James Bond 007 as the most famous movie franchise about secret agents and Hitman 47 as best video game where you can act like one. If you think you are not up to task to be secret agent, at least you can watch movies and play games where you can immerse yourself into being the one.