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How Far In Advance Should You Decorate Your Nursery?

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Creating a nursery for a newborn can be a time-consuming and difficult task. That’s why it is important to take the necessary precautions and proper time for decorating and building a nursery for your baby.

However, many things will make it worthwhile. You should consider decorating a happy nursery in advance of welcoming a new member of your family. The nursery decor should be functional, stylish, and safe.

How Soon Should You Set Up Your Baby Nursery?

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The second trimester of pregnancy is usually the most enjoyable and active phase. This is a good time to decorate the nursery. It is common for moms to feel nauseated and have morning sickness in the first trimester. If you have not yet made your announcement, it might be too early to begin decorating the nursery.

A third trimester can bring lower energy and a growing baby belly, making a seemingly simple task seem like a daunting task. It’s fine to begin daydreaming about your nursery as early as possible. You can wrap up the planning in the last month before welcoming the baby.

The second trimester will be the most important to plan or execute your ideas to decorate the nursery. Nowadays, it is very easy to decorate the nursery, as you can shop online and get delivery on your doorsteps. View more here to explore creative nursery decoration stuff.

Tips To Design And Prepare A Baby Nursery

It will make the decorating process much easier if you plan ahead about the tasks you must complete and the order in which they should be done. These steps can help you create your plan.

Room layout

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The nursery’s location is an important consideration when designing a nursery for your baby. It is best to choose a room nearer to your living/bedroom. Is it also important to consider space and the temperature of the room? What size is the room? Do you require an additional appliance to heat or cold the room? You should consider the key questions. Lighting is also important.

Consider a new basin or sink if you have the space. If you don’t plan well, things can quickly become chaotic. It is important to draw and sketch your nursery’s design. You can take help from designers and professionals to create the nursery’s layout.

Create a list of furniture

Plan your nursery design with a list. Consider what you already own, what you can get from family and friends, and what you will require to purchase. If you have a tight space, consider furniture that saves your room space, like crib boxes, folding tables, etc.

Create a budget

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Next, you will need to establish a budget when planning your nursery. It’s not worth getting Pottery Barn furniture if you have limited funds for nursery decoration. You can also go for recycled or reused furniture to save your money. This way, you can contribute to green initiatives to save the environment.

Select a theme

Research is the most compelling stage of planning a nursery. Many blog posts feature creative ideas for baby rooms. Pinterest has tons of inspiring photos to help you get started. You can also choose gender-neutral themes, such as jungle, mountains, or stripes. If you want to know your baby’s gender and would love to have a specific theme for it, then You’ll need to wait until your 20-week scan.

Floors and Painting

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This is the next step if you are planning to paint. You should prioritize safety and health by choosing a lower VOC paint and keeping the proper ventilation during your work. You should finish any flooring updates as soon as you’re done painting.


It’s important to ensure that the nursery decor has beautiful fixtures and beautiful illustrations. Safety should always be the main principle in all of this. Safety should be the main consideration when building furniture, cots, or baby gates.

Safety must be considered when designing furniture, cots, and heaters. Your nursery must-haves include covering sockets, concealing wires, and attaching wall dressers. However, this doesn’t mean that you should worry if you are short on time. Your baby must be at least six months of age before they can explore the room. You can set reminders later to remind them.

Mobility should also be considered

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You should ensure that the baby’s bedroom is easily moveable when decorating it. You should make sure that furniture and fittings can be easily moved. These are the general guidelines that you should follow to ensure that your nursery decor project is beautiful and that your baby will be captivated by it.

Do any repairs

This is the right time to inspect the space and make necessary repairs. Please do it now! If you have to take off peeling paint, fix holes in walls or replace door handles, do so before the newborn arrives. You should also replace your old circuit outlets with new ones for extra precautions.

Final touches

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Your decor and accessories are the last things you should add to your nursery. You can include photos of your family (if you have one) and even photographs from your maternity session. You can also include various wall decors such as Lighting, bedding, curtains, rugs, and other items.

How Long Does It Take To Finish The Nursery?

Depending on how many things you do and how long you spend, it can take several days to plan, decorate, and set up a nursery. We usually recommend keeping it slow, maybe completing one or two tasks each weekend. This will ensure that you don’t get tired. It is possible to complete a room in one weekend if it is a blank canvas. You should get started sooner if your room is full of junk and has major repairs.


It is best to decide when you want to decorate the nursery before starting your pregnancy. This will give you plenty of time to do so. It is important to choose a theme before decorating. This will help you stay focused and make it easy for your baby. If you’re in the last few months of your pregnancy and are just getting started with decorating, don’t stress! And keep going at your pace and do perfectly whatever you want.