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All about CPR/AED Online Classes


Education has taken a digital turn in the 21st century. With easy access to the internet, many people now prefer taking online classes. They are easily accessible and time-saving. Online classes also provide life-saving courses that may be helpful in case an emergency occurs where a loved one or a family member is involved.

First aid training is essential for living a healthy and fulfilling life. You need to learn the proper method of treating a patient. Many online websites offer certification courses in various first aid branches. CPR courses teach you basic life-saving skills in case a person loses breath. An AED certification talks about reviving a failing heart. This article guides you to get the best CPR and AED certificate online.

How do the online CPR classes work?


Online classes have a new way of working with students. Usually, you would have a classroom full of people. Notebooks flipping and chatter on the back bench would be a common occurrence. But with online classes, you can create an environment of your liking. Below are some points that will explain how an online CPR class works.

  1. Many organizations provide a hybrid course. It means you get to take the theory part from home. But they have a particle segment as well. These institutions tie up with local first aid organizations. Through these groups, you can appear for the practical examination.
  2. Once you select the course, the institutions provide reading material online. You will need an id and password to access this course.
  3. However, there are usually no restrictions on completing set hours in a day. This aspect makes online courses relatable to today’s unpredictable lifestyle. You will get a start and an end date for the class.
  4. Start the course and complete it within the time frame mentioned. Every class has an exam at the end that helps you evaluate your learnings better. Once you clear the test, they give you a virtual certificate. Some companies also give you a physical card to keep in your wallet.
  5. Medical sciences have advanced at a rapid speed in current times. Things and procedures can change at any moment. Hence, students must update themselves regularly with new techniques every two years. Do not forget every CPR course has an expiry date.
  6. As a student, you only get access to material from your course. You cannot save the file to read offline. Once you receive the certification, you get the right to help a person in need at the site of the accident.

Steps to get CPR/AED certification online


Like any course, you must look out for a few things before taking an online course. It may sound as simple as opening a Facebook account. But there is much more as you will invest money and time into this. Read below for the steps to help you get an AED certification and other first aid courses.

  1. Begin by asking yourself why you want to take up this course. Some genuine reasons include upskilling your CV for promotions. You could even get a job requiring these certifications. It helps you shine as a concerned and well-educated citizen. If you agree to any of the above, you are on the right track.
  2. Go online and search for AED certification or Online CPR courses. This search should lead you to multiple web pages that offer similar courses.
  3. Pick an institute that is reputable. It helps to select an organization after thorough research on it. At least they will not dupe you.
  4. Search for courses on the institution’s web page and note down the module details and prices of the courses you may be interested in. Look out for more courses and match the module offerings. This step helps you understand the difference between the courses.
  5. A price comparison will tell you where to invest your money. It should offer you an online course structure with a certification. Also, take a look at the duration of the course.
  6. Make sure you read about the authenticity of the certificate. It must come with accreditation from the American Heart Association. Only people with valid certificates get a chance to perform CPR or AED.
  7. Set up a time to take the course such that it is systematic according to your daily schedule.

How can online CPR/AED training certification make you a true lifesaver?


Saving a life is the best thing you can do for another human. Nothing in the world comes above giving someone a second chance at living. The essential thing is that you must never panic in challenging situations. Below are a few ways the CPR/AED certification makes you a lifesaver.

  1. The training courses talk about focusing on the problem and fencing a solution. This aspect keeps you focused. You enhance your observation skills which can come in handy during an emergency.
  2. As a bystander, you can save a life by administering CPR correctly. It helps the patient’s body send blood to the brain. The Emergency Response Team will be sure to applaud you.
  3. Once you get an AED certification, you can use the Debilitator machine effectively. It helps the first aider to obtain a pulse and send it to the patient’s heart. This electric pulse could restart the heart after a cardiac arrest.
  4. Sometimes people facing a natural disaster need medical assistance. CPR/AED training can help you with this situation.
  5. If a person suffers a trauma, their heart may stop functioning. You can even prevent people from post-traumatic symptoms with effective CPR.
  6. More often than not, people with this training are able to procure a higher position at their workplace. You may be selected to become a part of the Emergency team.


Everyone must pick some life-saving course as a part of their upskilling journey. It helps you move ahead of the crowd. The proper certification could get you a much-needed promotion as well. The online mode of learning makes things easy.

You can even have students take up these courses for a better society. The American HealthCare Academy brings you a vast selection of online training courses. They offer CPR and AED certification courses with a 100% online curriculum. Check out the course structure on the AHCA website and register for more details.